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The Scriveners - OOP344 20113

Revision as of 12:41, 10 December 2011 by Han6 (talk | contribs) (Heonyee An)

The Scriveners - OOP344 20113

Project Marking Percentage

  • due right after study break

Group work:      50%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: 50% +      (50 <= xx <= 75) 
Total           100%


DEC 8 CMenu is done. I got it works as the test Fardad gave us. Please run some tests to see if there any bugs. It is still under my branch qtdang1/cmenu.06

DEC 8 morning time: CText basically done, just needs DEL logic (which should be same as backspace) and ESCAPE(which should be easy(??) Will tag and merge to trunk once CMenu is complete

DEC 2:Was a problem in CDialog::add, no guard against adding too many fields. Added guard. CText now compiles and runs, but the CText::edit method is missing a lot of functionality (ENTER should add a new line and exit from console::edit ? Pressing up and down should change _loffset, Pressing right and left and changing the offset should exit from console.edit()) merge text.cpp text.h ctext.cpp ctext.h and Test8.cpp from branches/dkgurr/CText

NOV 17: Need to change C_MAX_NUMBER_OF_FIELD in cuigh.h from 100 to 1000(could be less but I didnt bother :))

NOV 16:

  • Test4.cpp seems to work fine. CButton can prob be tagged.
  • Problem that was causing Test3DialogAndLineEdit.cpp to crash has been resolved.
  • we prob need to make some adjustments to console.edit()
  • There were some issues with CDialog that could mess up your testing of the classes. cdialog::edit was not updating _curidx. this issue seems to be fixed now.

you can find the updated cdialog in dkgurr/R0.3. you will also need to use the updated editlist.cpp and editlist.h to use the updated cdialog.cpp

NOV 15: Added bool method to DLList class to return if list is empty. Used this to reduce code in CDialog::editable() method.
CButton::edit needs to be changed so that before the method finishes the square brackets around the text are overwritten with white space.

  1. OCT 24th: I gather everyone work and put everything together. go to my qtdang1 branch and check out clabeltest to see our achievement :)
  1. There is a very minor change in the Cdialog Constructor prototype. I made the change and merged it back to trunk.

Please do an update before you start to work again.

I changed:

CDialog( int Row = -1, int Col = -1, int Width = -1, int Height = -1, bool Bordered = false, const char* Border=C_BORDER_CHARS, CFrame *Container = (CFrame*)0 );


CDialog(CFrame *Container = (CFrame*)0,int Row = -1, int Col = -1,int Width = -1, int Height = -1,bool Bordered = false,const char* Border=C_BORDER_CHARS);

Thx Ryan


Trunk Status

  • Committed/Committing By: Ryan Dang committed( completed R0.2!!)
    ID: emailid
    Name: full name
    IRC Nick: mynick
    Other Info:

Team Members

The Scriveners - OOP344 20113
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Prasanth Vaaheeswaran A pvaaheeswaran pvaaheeswaran prsnth Master of None
Michael Valentine A mwvalentine mwvalentine Valen_ A Grain of Sand
Ryan Dang A qtdang1 Qtdang1 byebyebyezzz Ryan Dang's Blog
Heonyee An A han6 han6 han6 Heonyee's Blog
David Gurr A dkgurr dkgurr dkgurr Mysteries of Chessboxing


R0.6 - Nov 29

Michael Valentine

  • Assigned: ctext
  • Expected completion: Dec. 3
  • branches/mwvalentine/R0.6

David Gurr

  • Assigned: help with ctext/cmenu
  • Expected completion: Dec. 3 (ctext)
  • Dec. 5 (cmenu)
  • branches/dkgurr/ctext
  • branches/dkgurr/cmenu

Prasanth V

  • Assigned: help with ctext/cmenu
  • branches/pvaaheeswaran/cmenu0.6


  • working on cchecklist
  • expected completion Dec 4

R0.3 - (Due Nov 18)

Heonyee An

  • Assigned : cchecklist
  • Due: Dec 4
  • Branch: han6\R0.6


  • Assigned CLineEdit
  • Assigned CValEdit (sharing with Mike)
  • Due: November 18
  • Branch: pvaaheeswaran/CLineEdit2/
  • CLineEdit completed, just debugging. Can't get Test3DialogAndLineEdit.cpp to pass.


  • Working on CCHECKLIST.
  • Working on CMenuitem
  • (due by Nov 18, in branch qtdang1/cmenu, current stage: R0.3)
  • problem: Label _data has junk in it.(RESOLVED)
  • problem with Test7MenuItem(RESOLVED). It goes beyond the MAX_FIELD_NUMBER. Got to increase the MAX_FIELD_NUMBER to 1000.
 //for(int k=1;k<console.getRows();k+=2){
  //  for(int m=0;m<console.getCols()-10;m+=10){
  //   // Screen<<new CLabel((i=!i)?"Hello": "Hi",k, m, 9); <--------------------- This line causing the problem.
  //  }
  • Even though the application is running w/o crash, the background for the text box isnt seem right. The text box background is overwritten by the frame background(HI Hello). The background suppose to be filled with space. (RESOLVED) CREDIT GOES TO FARDAD :)

CMenuItem is done!!


  • branches/dkgurr/R0.3
  • Working on CLineEdit(this class was started by Heonyee who wrote the mock up, plus destructor and added some code for most methods)
  • Working on CButton::set and CButton::edit
  • Cbutton mostly finished
  • expect to complete CLineEdit by Wed.Nov 16


  • branches/mwvalentine/cvaledit
  • complete cvaledit for release 0.3


  • latest will be on top

topic, date




Test3DialogAndLineEdit.cpp Test

  • Test Crashing, callstack shows an invalid pointer is being set to Str (this has been resolved!!)