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==<span style="color:#FF0000">TEAM COMMUNICATION SECTION</span>==
==<span style="color:#FF0000">TEAM COMMUNICATION SECTION</span>==
NOV 17: Need to change C_MAX_NUMBER_OF_FIELD in cuigh.h from 100 to 1000(could be less but I didnt bother :))
NOV 16:
NOV 16:

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The Scriveners - OOP344 20113

Project Marking Percentage

  • due right after study break

Group work:      50%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: 50% +      (50 <= xx <= 75) 
Total           100%


NOV 17: Need to change C_MAX_NUMBER_OF_FIELD in cuigh.h from 100 to 1000(could be less but I didnt bother :))

NOV 16:

  • Test4.cpp seems to work fine. CButton can prob be tagged.
  • Problem that was causing Test3DialogAndLineEdit.cpp to crash has been resolved.
  • we prob need to make some adjustments to console.edit()
  • There were some issues with CDialog that could mess up your testing of the classes. cdialog::edit was not updating _curidx. this issue seems to be fixed now.

you can find the updated cdialog in dkgurr/R0.3. you will also need to use the updated editlist.cpp and editlist.h to use the updated cdialog.cpp

NOV 15: Added bool method to DLList class to return if list is empty. Used this to reduce code in CDialog::editable() method.
CButton::edit needs to be changed so that before the method finishes the square brackets around the text are overwritten with white space.

  1. OCT 24th: I gather everyone work and put everything together. go to my qtdang1 branch and check out clabeltest to see our achievement :)
  1. There is a very minor change in the Cdialog Constructor prototype. I made the change and merged it back to trunk.

Please do an update before you start to work again.

I changed:

CDialog( int Row = -1, int Col = -1, int Width = -1, int Height = -1, bool Bordered = false, const char* Border=C_BORDER_CHARS, CFrame *Container = (CFrame*)0 );


CDialog(CFrame *Container = (CFrame*)0,int Row = -1, int Col = -1,int Width = -1, int Height = -1,bool Bordered = false,const char* Border=C_BORDER_CHARS);

Thx Ryan


Trunk Status

  • Committed/Committing By: Ryan Dang committed( completed R0.2!!)
    ID: emailid
    Name: full name
    IRC Nick: mynick
    Other Info:

Team Members

The Scriveners - OOP344 20113
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Prasanth Vaaheeswaran A pvaaheeswaran pvaaheeswaran prsnth Master of None
Michael Valentine A mwvalentine mwvalentine Valen_ A Grain of Sand
Ryan Dang A qtdang1 Qtdang1 byebyebyezzz Ryan Dang's Blog
Heonyee An A han6 han6 han6 Heonyee's Blog
David Gurr A dkgurr dkgurr dkgurr Mysteries of Chessboxing


R0.3 - (Due Nov 18)

Heonyee An

  • Assigned : ccheckmark
  • Due: November 18
  • Branch: han6\R0.3
  • problem :

1. when i checked radio-button, cursor goes up to the Check box automatically... 2. i have a same problem in Test6Check.cpp like Ryan....


  • Assigned CLineEdit
  • Assigned CValEdit (sharing with Mike)
  • Due: November 18
  • Branch: pvaaheeswaran/CLineEdit2/
  • CLineEdit completed, just debugging. Can't get Test3DialogAndLineEdit.cpp to pass.


  • Working on CMenuitem
  • (due by Nov 18, in branch qtdang1/cmenu, current stage: R0.3)
  • problem: Label _data has junk in it.(RESOLVED)
  • problem with Test7MenuItem(RESOLVED). It goes beyond the MAX_FIELD_NUMBER. Got to increase the MAX_FIELD_NUMBER to 1000.
 //for(int k=1;k<console.getRows();k+=2){
  //  for(int m=0;m<console.getCols()-10;m+=10){
  //   // Screen<<new CLabel((i=!i)?"Hello": "Hi",k, m, 9); <--------------------- This line causing the problem.
  //  }
  • Even though the application is running w/o crash, the background for the text box isnt seem right. The text box background is overwritten by the frame background(HI Hello). The background suppose to be filled with space.


  • branches/dkgurr/R0.3
  • Working on CLineEdit(this class was started by Heonyee who wrote the mock up, plus destructor and added some code for most methods)
  • Working on CButton::set and CButton::edit
  • Cbutton mostly finished
  • expect to complete CLineEdit by Wed.Nov 16


  • latest will be on top

topic, date




Test3DialogAndLineEdit.cpp Test

  • Test Crashing, callstack shows an invalid pointer is being set to Str (this has been resolved!!)