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Team Members

The Coders - Member list
Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick SVN ID My Contributions Role
Senthil Raju Chandran srchandr A whackydevil srchandr srchandr -
Thanh Dao tdao3 - - - tdao3 - -
Huaxing Wang hwang94 B WellThan Gtx hwang94 hwang94
Frenton Lee flee8 A Blog flee8 flee8 flee8 -
Mubashir Raziq mraziq - - - mraziq - -
Michael Dawson mgdawson B Blog majorbludd mgdawson Dawson -
Fardad Soleimanloo fsoleima - - - fardad - -

to all the Coders

SVN Account




Everybody should create their directory under branches in our team repository.

Team Announcement

Team Coding Rules

Conventions and Styles