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Book Database

Your task for the final application is to create a personal book database program using the CIO library.

the file

The data file to store the book database is in binary format.
Records are kept in the following format:

struct Book
    char name[71];
    char author[71];
    char publisher[71];
    char releaseDate[11];
    unsigned long isbn;
    unsigned long rating;

Selecting data file

There are two choices to select a data file to browse:

  1. Getting the file name through the command line argument list.
  2. Getting the file name through a prompt within the program.

Application Capabilities


  1. Browse Opened data file
    1. goto next record
    2. goto previous record
    3. goto last record
    4. goto first record
    5. goto record by number
  2. edit the record
    1. save the edited record
    2. cancel editing a record without saving
    3. make sure edit information is not lost (saving unsaved data on exit with prompt)
  3. Add a record
    1. create an empty record and save it at the end of the file


100% and up
  1. Search
    to be able to narrow down the list of books to the ones which fit to the search criteria
    1. Search on name on substring
    2. Search on artist's name on substring
    3. Search on album's name on substring
    4. Search on the Date on exact match
  2. delete
    1. delete a record from the file


To submit your assignment, tag your final commit as "V1.0" in github. Go to the release section to accomplish this. If you need further instruction on this, please refer to the github help pages, Google works too.

  • Its TEAM ASSIGNMENT, not individual.
  • Due Date: Saturday, Dec 14 at noon