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The A-Team - OOP344 20113

Project Marking Percentage

Group work:      50%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: 50% +      (50 <= xx <= 75) 
Total           100%


TRUNK Status

Refer to #OOP344-ATEAM for current trunk status.

  • committed by
    id: nmayuranathan
    name: Natesh Mayuranathan
    irc nick: Tesh_
    other info: last changes for R0.6

Team Members

Team while(false)
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Duc Giang B dhgiang dhgiang dhgiang Duc's Blog Site
Travis Roetcisoender B tcroetcisoender tcroetcisoender1 Travis_R Travis' Blog
Natesh Mayuranathan B nmayuranathan Nmayuranathan Tesh_ My Blog
Gemma(member dropped course - no longer with us ) Daly B gdaly Daly gdaly My Blog
Sean Thistle B sthistle sthistle Yellow-Box_Mk2 Blog Site

Coding Standards

  • indentation - 2 spaces
  • variable names:
               e.g.  My Birth Date ---> myBirDat
                     column length, Height ---->  colLen, colHgt
                     row height, row length ---> rowHgt, rowLen
  • coding styles & conventions:
                e.g. function() {
                   if(...) {
                      /*some code*/
                   else {
                     /*some other code*/
  • when you want help, commit and add a status message explaining your problem - also comment area of interest
                    if(/*some condition*/){
                       /*some code*/             //this code does not work for some reason
  • when you change teammates' code, please comment to explain changes:
                    if(/*some condition*/){
                       /*some code*/         
                    if(/*some condition*/){
                        /*some new code*/     //changed some code to some new code



  • Code the console
  • All
  • Done


  • Code the CField class
  • Sean
  • Done


  • Code the CLabel class
  • Natesh, Sean
  • Done


  • Code the CDialog class
  • Travis, Gemma, Duc - Modified By Sean -> Draw, Edit
  • Done


  • Code the CLineEdit class
  • Sean
  • Done


  • Code the CButton class
  • Natesh - Modified By Sean -> Draw, Edit
  • Done


  • Code the CmenuItem class
  • Travis - Modified By Sean -> Draw, Edit
  • Done


  • Code the CCheckMark class
  • Duc - Modified By Sean -> Draw, Edit
  • Done


  • Code the CValEdit class
  • Sean/Duc
  • Complete

Modify Console::edit()

  • add IsTextEditor and ReadOnly to argument list
  • Travis
  • done

Modify CCheckMark

  • add bool radio(), void radio(bool isRadio), and operator bool() methods
  • Duc
  • done


  • holds an array of CCheckMarks for multiple selections
  • Duc
  • complete


  • a CField for editing multiline text.
  • Natesh/Sean
  • complete


  • Linked List of CMNodes
  • Travis
  • complete


  • Holds a CMenuItem object and its index
  • Travis
  • complete


  • 1st Meeting - Oct 12th 5pm on IRC #OOP344-ATEAM; TOPIC: R0.1

- ATTENDANCE: Gemma Daly, Travis R., Duc G.

  • 2nd Meeting - Oct 18th 5pm in OPEN_labs: TOPIC: Updating R.011 to R0.12, Fixing Wiki, naming conventions, IRC Logging.

- Travis R, Natesh M., Duc G.

  • 3rd Meeting - Oct 24th 2pm in OPEN LABS; TOPIC: R0.2

- ATTENDANCE: All Members

  • 4rd Meeting - Oct 26th 1pm on IRC #OOP344-ATEAM: R0.2 - (Can Someone Confirm The Date And Time Please..Thx)

- ATTENDANCE: All Members

  • nth Meeting - Nov 25th 4-6:25 in Open Lab - Topic: Completing R.03; Assigning tasks for 0.6

- ATTENDANCE: Duc, Sean, Natesh

  • Meeting [n+1] -Dec 15th in Open Lab - Topic: Collaborating on R0.6 (CText)

- ATTENDANCE: Duc, Travis, Natesh

IRC meeting logs