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Template talk:Planet Current Posts

A bit of documentation about how the contents of this page get here:

  1. The script ~chris.tyler/planet/planet-2.0/ is run on once an hour (at :20) under crontab control.
  2. This script in turn runs /home/chris.tyler/planet/planet-2.0/, which generates
  3. This script next runs /home/chris.tyler/planet/venus/pmw, which accesses, which gets the RSS feed from the planet and outputs the first 16 entries in mediawiki markup format. The pmw script then logs into the CDOT wiki, accesses the Template:Planet_Current_Posts page, then posts the new data to that page.
  4. The template page is then transcluded into the Main Page of the CDOT wiki.

--Chris Tyler 20:38, 23 February 2009 (EST)

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