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Install Eclipse {{{type}}}

  • Go to Eclipse Downloads and choose Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (attention at operating system 32/64 bit).
  • Unzip the downloaded file in /Eclipse_Platform/{{{type}}} directory.
  • Start Eclipse (click the eclipse executable file in Eclipse_Platform/{{{type}}}/eclipse directory
  • In the Workspace Launcher dialog box: Workspace type ./wskp/{app-type} where {app-type} could be: hello or simple or lab

{{{install=Follow the this tutorial to create the first application to build hello world application to check your installation.}}}

For this course you will be using the workspace defined in Eclipse_Platform/Basics/eclipse/wksp/.."

The Directory Structure for the Course

The root directory for this course is: Eclipse_Platform

  1. Basics/eclipse subdirectory
  2. OSGi/eclipse subdirectory
  3. RCP/eclipse subdirectory
  4. Mobile/
    1. Android/eclipse subdirectory
    2. BlackBerry/eclipse subdirectory
  5. Enterprise/
    1. Virgo/eclipse subdirectory
    2. WTP/eclipse subdirectory


  • {topic} must be: basics or osgi or rcp or android or blackberry or virgo or wtp
  • {subject} must be: hello or simple or lab
  • {subpack} a subpackage name (if need it for complex apps)