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In this tutorial, we will be elaborating on how to replicate our OSGI project application. We will provide a brief explanation of each plug-in project needed, the packages that corresponds to those projects, and of course the java source files that will be used to create the program.


For this project, we are going to create a weather service program using the osgi framework. This project will contain three bundles: Consumer, Interface and Provider bundles. The Interface bundle will contain a set of interface and classes used by both Consumer and Provider. The Provider bundle will provide a service to return weather information for a selected city. The Consumer bundle will use the service reference to get weather information from the Provider and display in a GUI window based on Java Swing Library.



Prepare eclipse

1. In Eclipse, create a new workspace. 2. Create a new Plug-in project following settings, name it consumer.
Ecl500-Team2-Project img01.png

Ecl500-Team2-Project img02.png

Ecl500-Team2-Project img03.png

3. Likewise create 2 more plug-in projects called interface and provider. Uncheck the 'Generate Activator' option for interface.

Interface bundle

1. In the interface bundle, we create a package, We will create classes and interface java files that are used by consumer and provider bundles.
Ecl500-Team2-Project img04 interface.png

2. The default MANIFEST.MF of interface bundle looks like this. It does not require any modification.

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Bundle-ManifestVersion: 2
Bundle-Name: Weather
Bundle-SymbolicName: interface
Bundle-Version: 1.0.0.qualifier
Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment: JavaSE-1.6

3. Create interface


import java.util.ArrayList;

public interface WeatherInterface {
	WeatherAndCurrent getWeather(String city) throws Exception;
    ArrayList<Location> getCity (String city) throws Exception;

4. Create


import java.util.ArrayList;

public  class WeatherAndCurrent {
	CurrentCondition Current;
	public WeatherAndCurrent() {
		// TODO Auto-generated constructor stub
	public WeatherAndCurrent(CurrentCondition current, ArrayList<Weather> weathers) {
		Current = current;
		this.weathers = weathers;
	public CurrentCondition getCurrent() {
		return Current;
	public void setCurrent(CurrentCondition current) {
		Current = current;
	public ArrayList<Weather> getWeathers() {
		return weathers;
	public void setWeathers(ArrayList<Weather> weathers) {
		this.weathers = weathers;
	ArrayList<Weather> weathers;