Teams Winter 2011/team1/BlackBerry/Add Elements to Add Screen

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6. Add elements to Add Screen

6.1. This application is using a dialog window to add a student.
6.2. Implement AddCommandHandler by implementing CommandHandler as anonymous class:

  addItem.setCommand(new Command(new CommandHandler() {
         public void execute(ReadOnlyCommandMetadata metadata, Object context) {
             String[] selections = {"Add","Cancel"};           
             Dialog addDialog = new Dialog("Add Student", selections, null, 0, null);          
             EditField inputField1 = new EditField("Student's firstName: ","");           
             EditField inputField2 = new EditField("Student's lastName: ","");           
             EditField inputField3 = new EditField("Student's email: ","");           
             // Display the dialog and add a new element to the list
             if(addDialog.doModal() == 0) {
                 addElementToList(new Student(inputField1.getText(),inputField2.getText(),inputField3.getText()));

6.3. Run the application and select "Add student" from the menu:
BB add.png
6.4. Type in the student's first and last name, and e-mail address:
BB add2.png
6.5. Click save. The list should get updated:
BB add3.png