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=[[Team R - OOP344 20141|Team R]]=
=[[Team R - OOP344 20141|Team R]]=
Karpenko-Vadym, Vadym Karpenko, Section A
=[[Team S - OOP344 20141|Team S]]=
=[[Team S - OOP344 20141|Team S]]=

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Teams have not been assigned yet. Please email your professor with your team members once you have created a team.
OOP344 | Weekly Schedule | Student List | Teams | Project | Student Resources
Add your github id, full name, and section to the teams below (maximum of four per team), or if you do not care which team you want to be in, add your information to "Any Team".
Please note that teams may be broken up to complete number of team members in all teams.
Due date for this is Friday January 31st 2013, 23:59.

Entry Format:

  • github id, full name, section


  1. NorthWind87, Hasan Kamal-Al-Deen, A
  2. CloudScorpion, Joseph Hughes, B

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Karpenko-Vadym, Vadym Karpenko, Section A

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