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seneca userid : jjungmin
seneca userid : jjungmin
Shijie Sun
github ID :  nihao123  
github ID :  nihao123  

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Team Name: Alpha

number of team members: 5

name:Sivathanushan Easwaran; Ji Jungmin; Shijie Sun; James Marmer; Ronny Wan

Sivathanushan Easwaran seaswaran@myseneca.ca github ID: sivae Seneca Username: seaswaran

Ji Jungmin jjungmin@myseneca.ca Github id: jjungmin Student id: 011933116 seneca userid : jjungmin

Shijie Sun ssun24@myseneca.ca github ID : nihao123 Student Id : 045527116 Seneca Username: ssun24

James Marmer jmarmer@myseneca.ca

Ronny Wan rwan3@myseneca.ca

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Team Name: WonderCode

number of team members: 5


Rody (Hye Young Choi): hychoi6@myseneca.ca

Guiwen Chen: gchen42@myseneca.ca

Jay Feng: jmfeng1@myseneca.ca

Diao Qiang He: dqhe1@myseneca.ca

Lily (Linpei Fan): lfan9@myseneca.ca