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Teams' List 20121 - OOP344

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Use the template below to add your team information to this page under Teams.

== TN ==

[[TN IRC Logs 20121 - OOP344 | IRC meeting logs]]

# Member Full Name , Seneca Email ID, IRC nick,  [ Email], Section X
# Member Full Name , Seneca Email ID, IRC nick,  [ Email], Section X
# Member Full Name , Seneca Email ID, IRC nick,  [ Email], Section X
# etc...

[;; Email All]

Replace the following with your team information

  • TN: Your Team name
  • RN: Your svn repository number
  • Member FULL name: Team members' name

After adding your team information to this page, create a separate page for your team using provided template , make sure the page name ends with semester (i.e. My Team 20113 - OOP344 ) and has the following added in content at the very beginning of the page:

{{OOP344 Index | 20121}}

The above adds the main oop344 index to the top of the page for semester 20121


To Be Placed

  1. Member Full Name , Seneca Email ID, IRC nick, Email, Section X
  2. Add your name here if you are not in a group

1) Kadeem Boyd,, Terminator_T-X3 Keboyd, Section A

silent coding works (scw)


IRC meeting logs (please update the following info)

  1. Izzy Dang Vo, idvo, Izzy, Email, Section A
  2. Kwok Wong, kwong67, venven, Email, Section B
  3. Hesam Chobanlou, hchobanlou, parallax1, Email, Section B
  4. Anh Viet Tran, avtran3, kiosk, Email, Section A
  5. Min Wok Kim, mwkim2, mwkim2, Email, Section B (new)

Email All

Team FUN


IRC meeting logs

  1. Barry Tulchinsky , btulchinsky, btulchinsky, Email, Section B
  2. James Greenhalgh , jgreenhalgh, JamesGreen, Email, Section B
  3. Everard Rodney, erodney, astrop, Email, Section B
  4. Anil Santokhi, adsantokhi, Acestarox, Email, Section A
  5. Sean Andrew Feanny, safeanny, safeanny, Email, Section B

Email All

Dynamic Developers


IRC meeting logs

  1. Alex D'Amico, aadamico, daag, Email, Section B
  2. Moshe Tenenbaum, mctenenbaum, mctenenbaum, Email, Section B
  3. Sanghyun Lee, slee201, SH Lee, Email, Section A
  4. Oleksandr Melnichenko, Omelnichenkooleksandr, Oleksandr, Email, Section A

Email All


svn: svn://

IRC meeting logs

  1. Sezar Gantous, sganouts, NULLbyte, Email, Section A
  2. Stephanie Bourque, sbourqu1, HolyHazard, Email, Section A
  3. Saro Avakian, savakian1, skullman, Email, Section A
  4. Alfred Chin-Hay Tsang (Alfred, please update your info)
  5. Bhavinkumar Patel, bnpatel10, bnpatel, Email, Section A
  6. Nitinkumar Patel, napatel12, nitin, Email, Section A

Email All

Team Extreme


IRC meeting logs

  1. Richard Huynh, Rhuynh3, Radizzt, Email, Section A
  2. William Wong, Wwong20, Terrawing, Email, Section A
  3. Xing Lian, Xlian3, leolian Email, Section A
  4. Honghui Chen, hchen142, chenhonghui12 Email, Section A
  5. Christopher Ho, csho3, csho3 Email, Section A
  6. Kamen Tarpomanov, ktarpomanov, ktarpomanov Email, Section A

Email All

Coding Stars


IRC meeting logs

  1. Agron Danushi , adanushi , Danushi, Email, Section A
  2. Balwinder Singh , bsingh107, B_Singh, Email, Section A
  3. Dimple Gandhi , dhgandhi, D_Gandhi, Email, Section A
  4. Gulnaz Danish , gdanish, Gul, Email, Section A
  5. Thevakaran Virutthasalam , tvirutthasalam, gobihun, Email, Section A

Email All



IRC meeting logs

  1. Chen Zang, czang1, Johnson, Email, Section B
  2. Cui Hu, chu11, chu11, Email, Section B
  3. JiaLi Xie, jxie25, jxie25 , Email, Section B
  4. ZeJun Zhang, zjzhang1, zjzhang1, Email, Section B
  5. DongXu Yu, dyu26, dyu26, Email, Section B

Email All



IRC meeting logs

  1. Dzmitry Kavalchyk, dkavalchyk2, RevenTL, Email, Section B
  2. Yaraslau Nikifarau, ynikifarau, IRC Nick, Email, Section B
  3. Anton Teremetskyi, ateremetskyi, ateremetskyi, Email, Section B
  4. Andriy Petrus, apetrus, apetrus, Email, Section A
  5. Mike Shutov,mshutov ,mshutov, Email, Section A

Email All

Mind = Blown ?


IRC meeting logs

  1. Mohammad Raihan Batavia , mrbatavia, mrbatavia, Email, Section A
  2. Zakeria Hassan , zmhassan, IRC nick:TBA, Email, Section A
  3. Syed Muhiuddin Ahmed , smahmed9, MoinSurfer, Email, Section A
  4. Mohammed Abdullah Al Zubair , malzubair, Ady, Email, Section A
  5. Jayme Laso-Barros , jlaso-barros, jlaso-barros, Email, Section B

Email All