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Use the template below to add your team information to this page under Teams.

== TN ==

[[TN IRC Logs 20111 - OOP344 | IRC meeting logs]]

# Member name and info
# Member name and info
# etc...

Replace the following with your team information

  • TN: Your Team name
  • RN: Your svn repository number
  • Member name: Team members' name

After adding your team information to this page, create a separate page for your team, make sure the page name ends with semester (i.e. My Team 20112 - OOP344 ) and has the following added in content at the very beginning of the page:

{{OOP344 Index | 20112}}

The above adds the main oop344 index to the top of the page for semester 20103


Team AllStar

IRC meeting logs

Team KaRouSeL

IRC meeting logs

Team Fusion Plus

IRC meeting logs

Team A++


IRC meeting logs

  1. Lixuan Guo lguo28
  2. Edward Hanna echanna
  3. Jinhai Li jli239
  4. Xiao Xiao xxiao11