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Teams' List 20111 - OOP344

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Old Teams' List 20111

Use the template below to add your team information to this page under Teams.

== TN ==

[[TN IRC Logs 20111 - OOP344 | IRC meeting logs]]

# Member name and info
# Member name and info
# etc...

Replace the following with your team information

  • TN: Your Team name
  • RN: Your svn repository number
  • Member name: Team members' name

After adding your team information to this page, create a separate page for your team, make sure the page name ends with semester (i.e. My Team 20111 - OOP344 ) and has the following added in content at the very beginning of the page:

{{OOP344 Index | 20111}}

The above adds the main oop344 index to the top of the page for semester 20103


Under Construction

Team K Omega (R14 finalized)

IRC meeting logs

  1. Stephen Brooks sbrooks4
  2. Dmitry Artemenko dartemenko
  3. Alex Kotliar Akotliar
  4. David Huang dhuang20

Team L Coder Dudes (R15 finalized)

IRC meeting logs

  1. Ashkan Sotoudeh asotoude
  2. Ahmad Ali aali83
  3. Bhrugesh Patel bapatel6
  4. Juan P. Molina M jpmolinamatute

Team M Code Wranglers (R16 finalized)

IRC meeting logs

  1. Ronito Salamanca rsalamanca
  2. Shavar Cox sscox
  3. Darren Butcher dbutcher

Team A - X-trim (R10 finalized)


svn:oop344 (in-class things) userid: oop344, no password

IRC meeting logs

  1. Luigi Bozianu lbozianu
  2. Andrew Bruno ajbruno
  3. Prateek chadha pchadha
  4. Jiding Wang jwang206
  5. Dorian Bar dbar1

Team B - Fallen Coders (R5 dissolved)


IRC meeting logs

Team C - Techies (R7 Not Final)


IRC meeting logs

  1. Dongxu Yu dyu26
  2. JunYan Ma jma75

Team D - Class Act (R2 No Change)


IRC meeting logs

  1. Patrick Villanueva pvillanueva
  2. Yang Wang ywang248
  3. Shaun Hill sahill1

Team E - BAJA (R1 No Change)

svn:oop344_111rep1 svn:oop344_111rep1

IRC meeting logs

  1. Bryce Harmidy bwharmidy
  2. Jingqi Cui jcui12
  3. Alan Cook acook6
  4. Adhika Mahendra amahendra

Team F - Coders (R3 Finalized)


IRC meeting logs

  1. Muhammad Iqbal miqbal5
  2. Pratik Patel pvpatel5
  3. Edouard Davlatian edavlatian

Team G - Commit (R4 dissolved)

svn:oop344_111rep4 IRC meeting logs

Team H - Dynamix (R8 dissolved)

svn:oop344_111rep8 IRC meeting logs

Team I - typedef Foo (R9 No Change)


IRC meeting logs

  1. Sean Thistle sthistle
  2. Herman Wu hwu46
  3. Weichen Liang wliang11
  4. Stephen Edwards swedwards

Team J - Joy (R6 No Change)


IRC meeting logs

  1. Guo Ying Li gyli1
  2. Natesh Mayuranathan nmayuranathan
  3. EnKyung Shim eshiim
  4. Romero C. A. Silva rcasilva

Not In a Team