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(Team W)

Project Marking Percentage

  • due immediately

Group work: 50% (25 <= xx <= 50) Individual work: 50% + (50 <= xx <= 75)

Total 100%


Team Members

Team W
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Arshdeep Kaur B akaur109 Arshdeep Kaur sania5 Blog for OOP344
Philip Lau A plau7 Philip Lau plau7 Phil's Blog

YuZhu Zhao A yzhao90 Yuzhu Zhao yzhao90 OOP344 Blog

Gabriel Gaglianone A ggaglianone Gabriel Gaglianone Amuga Gabriel's OOP344 Blog

Issues and Status

0.2 MileStone

Setting up the development environment and testing CFrame Base class.

0.X MileStone

Issues detail, (by whom and reviewed by whom

Coding Rules

Brackets attached. Else if on one line. Indent by 4 spaces.


  • latest will be on top


Hello Team W,

Since it seems like we kind of have trouble with communication, I'm just going to throw a vote for the project marking submissions out there to get things rolling - cast your votes:

Philip Lau - 50% , 50%

Arshdeep Kaur - 50% , 50%

Yu Zhu Zhao - 50%, 50%

Gabriel Gaglianone - 50%, 50% (Additional note, if you guys can't find me online I'll leave my mobile number here, text away, just let me know who you are and I'll reply ASAP, 647-772-4799)

It would probably also be a good idea to have another preferred form of immediate communication capable of group conversations. *cough cough* skype if possible? Open to suggestions as e-mails are pretty tedious to have conversations through unless you're just leaving a message.

Name - Skype id:

Phil Lau - xplaux

Yu Zhu Zhao - yzhao91

Gabriel Gaglianone - amugao

Arshdeep Kaur - arshdeep.sachdeva1

Hey Guys, Release 0.3 is due on Monday as emailed by the professor. When are we all going to meet to discuss and do our part?

Gabriel: Guys make sure you ensured your code (if it uses strcpy etc) that it's using the bio::strcpy and that you're not using inlcude <cstring>



Prototyping - Individually

CLabel - Ryan Zhao

CLineEdit - Philip Lau

CDialog - Arshdeep and Gabriel



Arshdeep- Draw() and started edit() + all the queries Complete( but My functions have no errors)

Gaberiel- Edit() completed and add()

Trying to fix CDialog as it had a lot of bugs.


R.0.4.1 - CButton - Arshdeep - Complete

R.0.4.2 - CValEdit - Philip Lau

R.0.4.3 - CCheckMark -

R.0.4.4 - CMenuItem - Yu Zhu Zhao


Prototyping done individually


Arshdeep : Drew the dialog box with button for next record + Did Reading and Writing files for the book database in binary file


Arshdeep : I was trying to compile all the files along with your object files but my mouse stopped in between so I used my friend's laptop- Dimple. I cloned my files there, did the work and pushed it onto git hub. Now it shows me that she is the author while it was me who was doing all the work. I even deleted the branch but still it shows me all the files in the history.

-This was after I compiled all the files successfully along with the prof's object files but before I started the Application.