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Team Recompile Members

First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Jose Rainulf Pineda C jrpineda Rainulf _Rainulf Rainulf's Blog
Jeshu Donaldson C jdonaldson4 jdonaldson4 YDean1 Jeshu's Blog
Timothy Jordan Catibog C tjcatibog tjcatibog tjcatibog Timothy's Blog


#seneca-recompile @ freenode. Click here to open the web IRC client.

_Rainulf is always online at the IRC. Please send him a query (or join #seneca-recompile) if you wanna chat with him. If he doesn't reply, he's probably afk. You can either wait or try again some time.
You can alternately email him or chat with him on Gmail or MSN.

No schedule yet.

Coding Style

None yet.


Web IRC: