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== TEAM Qt ==

Project Marking Percentage

  • due right after study break

Group work:      50%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: 50% +      (50 <= xx <= 75) 
Total           100%


Master Branch Status


  • Open/Closed
  • Closed: Wait for the repo to get opened

Coding Style and Standards

  • Tab's are allowed in the code however when using Visual Studio we must change the TAB setting ( Please set your tab size to 3 and also your indent size to 3 and have it insert spaces, instead of TAB)
  • Each object and variable must have its own type to make it as clear as possible
int a;
int b;
CDialog D;
  • Pointer *
Is Accepted int* number;
Not Accepted int *number;
  • Header Files and Class/Struct Formatting
#ifndef __TEAMQ_FILENAME_H__ // Safeguard
#define __TEAMQ_FILENAME_H__

class example
   int var1;
   int* var2;
   void display();

void example::display()


  • Formatting of condition blocks
if (condition)

for (x=0;x<5;x++)
  • File Heading Comments
Filename: filename.cpp (or .h)
Description: Small description of the purpose
Section: OOP344x (x for Section)
Name: Firstname Lastname
Student Id: 123-456-789
Date Last Modified: Month, Day, Year

Comments in Code

  • placed above each function, gives a short description of purpose
  • comment any large blocks or complex code above your code

For Example

if (blahblah = 50)
     // will perform this
     // will perform that
     // will perform whatever 

Team Members

Team Qt
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Alvaro Lemus C Alvaro Lemus alemus4 Kyno's Blog
Brad Clement C Brad Clement bradc14 Brad's Blog
Gyeongmin Jung A Gyeongmin Jung gjung1 Hello World!
Dave Dooney C David Dooney bakoomerang Dave's Blog


Release 0.4 Release Date TBA

  1. CButton Workload 25%
    • Member: Brad Clement
    • Task: Code cbutton.h and cbutton.cpp
    • Status: In Progress

  2. CValEdit Workload 25%
    • Member:
    • Task: Code cvaledit.h and cvaledit.cpp
    • Status: In Progress

  3. CCheckMark Workload 25%
    • Member:
    • Task: Code ccheckmark.h and ccheckmark.cpp
    • Status: In Progress

  4. CMenuItem Workload 25%
    • Member: Alvaro Lemus
    • Task: Code cmenuitem.h and cmenuitem.cpp
    • Status: In Progress

Release 0.3 Monday Nov 4th, 23:59

  1. Prototyping Workload-16%
    • Member: Alvaro Lemus
    • Task: Create prototypes and empty definitions for all classes
    • Status: Complete

  2. CLabel Workload-17%
    • Member: Alvaro Lemus
    • Task: Code CLabel.h and CLabel.cpp
    • Status: Complete

  3. CDialog Workload-50%
    • Member: Brad Clement / David Dooney
    • Task: Code CDialog.h and CDialog.cpp
    • Status: Complete

  4. CLineEdit Workload-17%
    • Member:Gyeongmin Jung
    • Task: Code CLineEdit.h and CLineEdit.cpp
    • Status: Complete

Release 0.2 Due Date October 20th, 23:59

  • Organize and complete team page - Always in Progress
  • Select a team member's console.cpp and console.h to use - Complete - Used David Dooney's Files
  • That team member should branch and clone the repository, add console.cpp and console.h to the files in the repository, compile, run and test the execution. When done this team member should add her/his name, github id and the date and time of the completion (as a comment) to cframe.h and merge the branch back to the master repo and push the changes up to github.
  • All other members clone the repository, comment, and test the execution of CFrame
  1. Branch the master for review with a proper name
  2. Complete
  3. Compile, run and test the execution
  4. Complete
  5. Add a comment with your, github id and date and time to the top of cframe.h header file
  6. Complete
  7. Merge the branch back into the master branch
  8. Complete
  9. Push the changes to github
  10. Complete


November 4th - Met in 1131 Study Room to finish completing release 0.3

November 2nd and 3rd - Spoke on Skype to work through and fix issues

November 1st 9:50 AM up to 4:30pm - Reserved room at Library Studies 1131. Working on Release 0.3

October 21st 11:00 AM - talked over dividing of tasks for Release 0.3

October 20th 4:30 PM - completed details for coding styles and requirements

October 17th 5:00 PM - initial setup of team page and deciding requirements

  • latest will be on top