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Team LoL

Thesis Statement


  • "Why do people sacrifice their privacy in order to achieve social validation?"

Possible Research Topics:

  • Why do people go above and beyond what they would normally consider doing for views and money through youtube partnership?


privacy, social networking, facebook, myspace, twitter, youtube, google, amazon, digg, blogs, social validation, emotional dependancy, loneliness, self-esteem, computers replacing social experiences,




Jones, Harvey, and Hiram Soltren, José "Facebook: Threats to Privacy"* [1]

  • How facebook effects privacy
  • Serious flaws in their systems
  • Statistical analysis of Facebook data from MIT, Harvard, NYU, and the University of Oklahom

Goettke, Richard, and Christiana, Joseph "Privacy and Online Social Networking Websites" > link

  • myspace and facebook online advertising
  • default privacy policies not doing enough for users
  • how much information a typical user of a social networking site makes widely available both knowingly and unknowingl

Bakari, Akil II "The Theory of Social Validation" link

  • Social Validation and what it means
  • User reviews on and other web 2.0 websites
  • Does social validation solely reside on the internet or does it take place in real life as well.

Pauline Dakin , "Monitor Facebook use by teens " link

  • Health risks from social media
  • Facebook Depression
  • Harassment

Nic Cove, How Teens Use Medialink

  • Ephebiphobia is the irrational fear of youth

Melissa McNamara, Teens Are Wired ... And, Yes, It's OKlink

  • Effects of social media on teens

Research Notes

Initial Research Notes On Selected Thesis

Social networking has become fairly popular in the recent years. It has both positvely and negatively affected the adolesence stage of growing up. As a matter of fact many teenagers do not make the best decision when it comes to privacy and sometimes the circumstances of their actions will influence their future. It is impossible to prevent youth and teenagers from sign up for Facebook and very difficult to monitor their activity. While a majority of the users will change their profile to private, out of those 23 millions users a few million will still leave their page accessible to strangers. Similarly, some users will sacrifice the need for privacy in order to achieve social validation. Social validation is basically the need to be acknolewdged by others (The Theory of Social Validation: Why you're not great until someone says you are). Many teenagers will use social networking to boost their self-esteem; others will go to the point on posting embarassing pictures of friends or themselves in order for the moment of weakness to be accepted

Secondary Research

Mike Relm's YouTube Live Experience

  • as you can see in this video he is going beyond the norm to gain views and provide entertainment.

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