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Image Processing Performance Using Parallel Programming

This assignment introduces simple image processing using MPI parallel programming. This assignment also explains about performance comparison from 1 core to 16 cores.

Team Lion Member

Byungho Kim

Basic Concept of Image Processing

  • Convolution between image and filter(kernel)
  • Each processing of pixel independent from another pixels
  • Can be used for Edge finding, Blur and image enhancement.





Edge Handling

All pixels in edges need special treatment.

  • Extend
  • Tile
  • Crop

Edge Handling(Extend)

False Sharing Consideration

  • Threading each pixel – The worst
  • Threading each row – Good
  • Threading multiple rows band – The best

Test Environment Consideration

  • How to test performance more than 4 cores computer.

Azure VM Environment

  • Cloud service from Microsoft
  • You can rent many kind of Virtual Machines.
  • Access remotely using Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

Edge Handling(Extend)

Edge Handling(Extend)

Test Result

Edge Handling(Extend)

Edge Handling(Extend)

Edge Handling(Extend)


  • Performance depends on number of cores.
  • OpenMP is easy to use. Much easier than normal(POSIX) Thread method.

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