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Team Name

Project Marking Percentage

  • due right after study break

Group work: 50% (25 <= xx <= 50) Individual work: 50% + (50 <= xx <= 75)

Total 100%


Master Branch Status


  • Closed


  • DateTime, Merged/being Merged by full name, ircnick: mynick, any other info
  • 2013/11/19 2:10 AM, Being Merged by Sehui Park, spark86

Coding Style and Standards

  • No Tab Character allowed. (replace tabs with 4 spaces)
  • Each object must have its own type:
int a;
int b;
CDialog D;
  • Curly Braces: The opening curly brace should be placed on it's own line underneath the class declaration, function name, etc.




  • Variable Naming: The first word in a variable name is in lower case and uppercase letters mark the beginning of a new word. Use an underscore before the variable name to identify it as a private member of a class.

class foo





  • Commenting: A comment should be made at the top of each file listing the name of the file, the last person to edit it, the date and time it was last modified and the current status of the file.


Your Name

Last Modified: October, 24th, 2013

status: incomplete


Team Members

Team Name (team J)
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Thana Annis C tannis Thana Annis Bwaffles OOP344
Len Isac B lkisac Leonard Kei Isac lkisac WordPress
Fadi Tawfig B fatawfig Fadi Atif Tawfig Frodi Fadi's Programming Blog
Sehui Park B spark86 Sehui Park spark86 Mikesayhi


Release 0.2

  • Create Team Page ( status: complete)
  • Create mockup classes for CIO Framework ( status: complete)
  • Choose one team member's console ( status: complete)
  • Add member info to CFrame header file ( status: complete)
  • Each team member to compile and run Test1Frame successfully ( status: complete)

Release 0.3


  • Task description: create mockup classes.
  • Group member: Thana Annis
  • status: complete
  • Reviewing: CDialog (not started)


  • Task description: Code the member functions of the class CDialog
  • Group member: Fadi Tawfig
  • status: complete


  • Task description: create the constructors, destructors and methods for CLabel.
  • Group member: Len Isac
  • status: complete
  • Reviewing: CLineEdit (


  • Task description: create constructors, destructors and method for 0.3 version
  • Group member: Sehui Park
  • status: complete
  • Reviewing: CLabel