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Team G IRC meeting logs

November 17th, 2010

(10:03:39 PM) fardad_: ok, lets begin
(10:03:42 PM) heesangsong: oh
(10:03:49 PM) heesangsong: .
(10:04:41 PM) heesangsong: ok you can start.
(10:04:46 PM) fardad_: ok,
(10:05:02 PM) fardad_: how wants to start implementing the application?
(10:05:23 PM) fardad_: no one?
(10:05:34 PM) fardad_: ok then, I will choose
(10:05:39 PM) fardad_: give me a second
(10:05:46 PM) pbrown9: I'm actually completely lost right now, all I know is what I'm supposed to program.
(10:05:57 PM) pbrown9: No point in pretending I know what's going on. :P
(10:06:11 PM) fardad_: fine, is 0.3 done?
(10:06:40 PM) wsong18: yes , we have build all the files compiled
(10:06:40 PM) fardad_: ok what is your repo number?
(10:06:47 PM) lwu11 [] entered the room.
(10:06:48 PM) wsong18: 07
(10:06:48 PM) fardad_: wsong18: perfect
(10:06:53 PM) fardad_: let me check
(10:07:06 PM) pbrown9: All of our class files are made and compilable to my knowledge(last time I checked)
(10:07:29 PM) heesangsong: yes we did
(10:08:01 PM) fardad_: ok
(10:08:12 PM) fardad_: wsong18: you will start programming FWBorder
(10:08:26 PM) wsong18: that class has done
(10:08:39 PM) fardad_: the border is completer already?
(10:08:46 PM) wsong18: yes
(10:08:55 PM) fardad_: Nice, that is what I like
(10:08:57 PM) fardad_: ok,
(10:09:07 PM) fardad_: what is done so far?
(10:09:56 PM) pbrown9:
(10:10:00 PM) wsong18: heesang has assigned all the classes to every member already
(10:10:06 PM) pbrown9: Team G, if you've completed something, please move it down to Completed on the group page
(10:10:27 PM) ***fardad_ is checking
(10:10:59 PM) pbrown9: I listed everything that was assigned to us as "Working On" because I wasn't 100% on the status.
(10:11:27 PM) fardad_: ok there is one problem with your team page
(10:12:04 PM) fardad_: see
(10:12:08 PM) fardad_: you need to have
(10:12:43 PM) fardad_: one section common for everyone TODO
(10:13:01 PM) fardad_: let me put it this way:
(10:13:04 PM) fardad_: Todo:
(10:13:05 PM) wsong18: few min age, I did some mistake on the trunk. the file in the prj0.3 or prj0.31 should ok
(10:13:31 PM) fardad_: wsong18: that is fine, I always look at the latest release
(10:13:43 PM) fardad_: let me write simething to show you
(10:18:44 PM) fardad_: ok
(10:18:47 PM) fardad_:
(10:18:56 PM) fardad_: here is how you should organize your wiki page
(10:19:52 PM) fardad_: now
(10:19:58 PM) pbrown9: So we should order what's in prj0.3 on the page into steps, and then have those steps written on out in a TODO list on the wiki.
(10:20:20 PM) fardad_: mmm
(10:20:23 PM) fardad_:  yes,
(10:20:29 PM) fardad_: what I mean is that
(10:21:07 PM) fardad_: the steps that are to be done, put it under a "Common Todo" list
(10:21:36 PM) fardad_: then each programmer will have his own section for the current task
(10:21:52 PM) fardad_: and when done the done tasks go under common "Completed tasks)
(10:21:59 PM) pbrown9: So the completed tasks shouldn't be seperated under each person, but ... okay
(10:22:16 PM) fardad_: like this it is easier to follwo what is done and what needs to be done
(10:22:29 PM) fardad_: now that you can assing the tasks yourself,
(10:22:37 PM) fardad_: I will not bother you with it
(10:22:43 PM) fardad_: keep up the good work
(10:23:33 PM) fardad_: and let me know if there is anything I can help you with
(10:23:39 PM) fardad_: is there any question?
(10:23:56 PM) pbrown9: I don't have any, I'm just fixing the wiki page now.
(10:24:19 PM) heesangsong: I don't.
(10:24:33 PM) fardad_: wsong18: you ok?
(10:24:39 PM) wsong18: sure
(10:24:59 PM) fardad_: perfect.
(10:25:09 PM) fardad_: then nothing is needed to be discussed at thsi point
(10:25:16 PM) fardad_: you are already doing a good job
(10:25:16 PM) wsong18: can I use email to ask you question about programming?
(10:25:32 PM) wsong18: if i have
(10:25:41 PM) fardad_: sure, but it is very difficult answering emails with stuff like that
(10:25:53 PM) fardad_: so better thing is to ask to talk to me on irc instead
(10:25:57 PM) wsong18: yes , i see
(10:26:04 PM) wsong18: ok
(10:26:07 PM) fardad_: or talk to me on skype
(10:26:23 PM) fardad_: my id on skype is sosfardad
(10:26:51 PM) wsong18: how to link to skype?
(10:26:57 PM) fardad_: link???
(10:27:11 PM) fardad_: you install skype
(10:27:14 PM) fardad_: create an account
(10:27:20 PM) fardad_: add me to your contact list
(10:27:36 PM) wsong18: I'll try
(10:27:36 PM) fardad_: then we can voice/video chat
(10:27:51 PM) fardad_: ok people, any question?
(10:27:59 PM) heesangsong: ok
(10:28:02 PM) wsong18: no, thanks
(10:28:15 PM) fardad_: ok, gnite
(10:28:18 PM) heesangsong: good night
(10:28:36 PM) wsong18: good night
(10:29:19 PM) pbrown9: Oh, he already left.
(10:29:21 PM) pbrown9:
(10:29:25 PM) pbrown9: I think I fixed it.
(10:29:54 PM) heesangsong: good job
(10:30:30 PM) wsong18: thank you pbrown9
(10:30:53 PM) pbrown9: Now we just need some common tasks.
(10:31:33 PM) pbrown9: I'm not sure what those would be though, I guess once we're finished our seperate tasks, one would be making sure it all works together
(10:32:19 PM) wsong18: there is different test program for different parts
(10:32:42 PM) Marina_Y [] entered the room.
(10:32:45 PM) pbrown9: Yeah, but even though our parts will work seperately, we'll still need to make sure that it all works together.
(10:32:57 PM) heesangsong: we can check later after finish our work.
(10:33:21 PM) pbrown9: Yes.
(10:33:34 PM) wsong18: so the meeting at tomorrow 19:00 should be canceled, right?
(10:33:48 PM) fardad_ left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 264 seconds).
(10:33:49 PM) heesangsong: first we have to make classes each part.
(10:34:02 PM) pbrown9: Yes, I don't think we need another meeting tomorrow.
(10:35:09 PM) wsong18: what time do you want for the next meeting?
(10:35:13 PM) heesangsong: we can do it. don't worry about anyting.
(10:36:17 PM) pbrown9: I'm not worried about you guys, you've done a great job so far with the project.
(10:36:36 PM) daleee left the room.
(10:36:38 PM) pbrown9: I'm more stressed with trying to make sure I get my part done.
(10:37:33 PM) wsong18: but, I have some problem in the FWdialog class
(10:38:09 PM) heesangsong: ok what problem
(10:39:01 PM) wsong18: I can work out the draw() function
(10:40:39 PM) wsong18: I'll try more on the weekend
(10:42:04 PM) heesangsong: draw about what?
(10:44:55 PM) wsong18: it's to draw some FWfield inside a dialog box, but FWField is a abstract class which cannot be instanced by new operator.
(10:46:13 PM) heesangsong: I will think about it.
(10:46:21 PM) wsong18: thanks
(10:46:33 PM) heesangsong: no problem.
(10:46:51 PM) heesangsong: I wanna sleep. we can talk later.
(10:47:19 PM) wsong18: I'll put what i did in my branch soon
(10:47:55 PM) heesangsong: good nignht
(10:47:58 PM) heesangsong: I will out
(10:48:12 PM) wsong18: see you
(10:48:23 PM) heesangsong left the room.