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(added another function that I coded along with the status of my part of the assignment)
(added my status of my functions within our progress table for complex functions)
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| bio_displayflag
| bio_displayflag
| Test Again
| Linux Yes, VS Yes, Bor No, Mac No.
| ???
| ???
| bio_flag
| bio_flag
| Test Again
| Linux Yes, VS Yes, Bor No, Mac No.
| ???
| ???

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Team Commit (team G)

Message from FARDAD:
Please add your log files to SubmissionLogs in trunk and keep it updated (DUE NOW!!!)

Project Marking Percentage

  • due right after study break

Group work:      XX%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: XX% +      (50 <= xx <= 75) 
Total           100%


Trunk Status

(this is a template for us to use to let us know who and when people are committing their work) (Without this bad situations would arise if two people committed their work the same time)

  1. Committed at 14:54 14/02/2011
    id: fardad
    name: fardad soleimanloo
    irc nick: fardad
  2. Committed at 8:12 PM, 01/01/2011
    id: sscox
    name: Shavar Cox
    irc nick: SSCox
  3. Committed from 9:55 PM - 10:44 PM 07/02/2011
    id: sbrooks4
    name: Stephen Brooks
    irc nick: sbrooks4
  4. Committed at 11:43 PM, 01/01/2011
    id: rsalamanca
    name: Ronito Salamanca
    irc nick: rsalamanca

Team Members (Finalized)

Team Commit (team G)
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Ronito Salamanca OOP344B rsalamanca rsalamanca rsalamanca Ronito's Blog
Dmitry Artemenko OOP344B dartemenko1 Dima _worms Personal Blog
Stephen Brooks OOP344B sbrooks4 sbrooks4 sbrooks4 Stephen's Blog
Shavar Cox OOP344B SSCox SSCox ShavarSean Shavar's Blog


task name

  • task description
  • being done by team member name / not assigned
  • status

bio_displayflag and bio_flag

  • Implementation of bio_displayflag
  • Being done by Stephen Brooks
  • Status: Finished. Works in Linux and Visual Studio. Just need Mac and Borland tested.


  • Implementation of bio_edit
  • Being done by Dmitry Artemenko
  • Status: WIP. Need more hands for debugging/implementing small things.


  • Implementation of bio_displayMenuItem
  • Being done by Ronito Salamanca
  • Status: WIP Finished bio_displayMenuItem


  • Implementation of bio_menuItem
  • Being by Shavar Cox
  • Status: WIP

Function Name Compiles on Win/Bor/Mac/Linux Complete/Incomplete
bio_initscr Test Again  ???
bio_endscr Test Again  ???
bio_getrows Test Again  ???
bio_getcols Test Again  ???
bio_cls Test Again  ???
bio_flush Test Again  ???
bio_getch Test Again  ???
bio_curpos Test Again  ???
bio_putch Test Again  ???
bio_putstr Test Again  ???
bio_beep No  ???
Function Name Compiles on Win/Bor/Mac/Linux Complete/Incomplete
bio_display Test Again  ???
bio_edit Test Again  ???
bio_displayflag Linux Yes, VS Yes, Bor No, Mac No.  ???
bio_flag Linux Yes, VS Yes, Bor No, Mac No.  ???
bio_displayMenuItem Tested on Windows Complete
bio_menuItem Test Again  ???

Meetings (latest will be on top)

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