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Team Name

Project Marking Percentage

  • due right after study break

Group work: 50% (25 <= xx <= 50) Individual work: 50% (50 <= xx <= 75)

Total 100%


Master Branch Status

Coding Style and Standards

  • No Tab Character allowed. (replace tabs with spaces)
  • Each object must have its own type:
int a;
int b;
CDialog D;
Tab Spaces:---5
Class Names:---Start with upper case letter.
Variable names: ---Start with lower case letter. eg: int test;
Multiple word Variable names: ---Start with lower case and then following words start with upper case. eg: char empName;
Function/Method names:--- Start with lower case letter. eg: display();
Multiple word Function/Method names:--- Start with lower case and then following words start with upper case. eg: char getData();
Verticle spacing: ---Single spaces between assignments (= +=...) double otherwise
Comments:--- Comments go at end of line. End of functions and controll structures must be commented
Class Variables:---Begin with _

Team Members

Team Name (team G)
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Gilbert Quach B gquach Gilbert Quach GilbertQuach [1]
Bing Pan B bpan2 Bing Pan bpan2 [2]
Haysean Maharajah B codegenetix Haysean Maharajah codegenetix Haysean's Blog
Jonathan Hivon B johivon Jonathan Hivon OoBb Jo's Blog


  • Gilbert is unable to compile using the repository.

task name

  • task description
  • being done by team member name / not assigned
  • status

CIO 20133 Release 0.2

1. Create your teampage using this template. COMPLETED BY GILBERT QUACH

2. Select one of the team member's console.cpp and console.h COMPLETED BY JONATHAN HIVON

   That team member should branch and clone the repository, add console.cpp and console.h to the files in the repository, compile, run and test the execution.
   When done this team member should add her/his name, github id and the date and time of the completion (as a comment) to cframe.h and merge the branch back to the master repo and push the changes up to github.

3. All other team members must clone the repository and test the execution of CFrame: COMPLETED

     a) Branch the master for review with a proper name.
     b) Compile, run and test the execution.
     c) Add a comment with your, github id and date and time to the top of cframe.h header file.
     d) Merge the branch back into the master branch.
     e) Push the changes to github.


  • latest will be on top

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