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Master Status

  • Master (last pushed/being pushed) by Kevin Sidhu

- R.01 Passes all tests - Ugly code, Need to refine


Programming Style


  • 1 space between keyword (if, do, while, for), the condition braces, and the {


  • 2 spaces for indentation
  • Do not use tab character


  • If statement (short one-line statement):
if (condition) doSomething();  // space between if and ( )
  • If statement (multi-line or long one line statement):
if (condition) {  // space between if ( ) and {
  // do something // use this for short one-line statements if you'd like
  • If else statement:
if (condition) {
  // do something
} else if (condition) {  // notice spaces
  // do something
} else {  // if else statements always use blocks even with short one line statements
  // do something
  • While statement (short one line statements):
while (condition) doSomething();  //notice spaces


while (condition) {
  // do something
  • Function declaration:
void doSomething(int arg1, char arg2) {  //notice spaces
  // do something

Variable Naming

int main() {
  int a = 1;
  char* bookNames;
  char bookId
  return 0;
  • Try to avoid abbreviations unless very well known please:
int main() {
  int letterCount // Good
  int numCount    // Good
  int ltrCnt      // Bad

  int numErrors   // Good
  int n           // Bad - unknown meaning
  int nerr        // Bad - ambiguous

Team Members

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OOP344 - Team name
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id & email wiki id IRC nick GITHUB ID Blog URL
Kevin Sidhu B kssidhu1 Kevin Sidhu Coios Coios [
Kevin Codes
first name last name A EmailId Xin Li IRC ID Github ID [http://YourBlogURL
Blog Name]
first name last name A EmailId Zhun Xue IRC ID Github ID [http://YourBlogURL

Blog Name]