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Team Memebers

  1. Brad McKie
  2. Mark Barciak
  3. Andrei Kopytov
  4. Stanley Moote

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Our proposed game is a first person puzzle-platformer. The game starts off with the player trapped in a room. The room will contain many rectangular pillars jutting out of the floor, walls and ceiling. These pillars will both hinder and help the player's goal of reaching the exit. The player will have the ability to alter the orientation of the room in a 90 degree manner, thereby altering which part of the room he/she is standing on. The pillars will become a foothold that the player will use to further advance when orienting the room in different ways. It will be possible to reach the exit using more than one orientation, but only one orientation will achieve the desired result of escaping the room. The other orientations will cause the player to either be unable to reach the exit, advance through the exit, or (in the case of diving into the exit when it is oriented on the floor) being impaled by spikes at the end of the hallway past the exit. The player will also have the option of resetting the room to its default orientation and being transported (through dematerialization) back to the position in which they started the puzzle.

Map of the World of the Game

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