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Team Name (Team FUN)

Project Marking Percentage

  • due right after study break

Group work:      XX%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: XX% +      (50 <= xx <= 75) 
Total           100%


Trunk Status

  • committed by
    id: adsantokhi
    name: Anil Santokhi
    irc nick: Acestarox
    Time: 6:06PM Friday, Feb 17th, 2012

Team Members

Team Name (Team FUN)
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Anil Santokhi A adsantokhi adsantokhi Acestarox Anil Santokhi's Blog
Barry Tulchinsky B btulchinsky btulchinsky btulchinsky Barry Tulchinsky's Blog
Everard Rodney B erodney erodney astrop Everard's Blog
James Greenhalgh B jgreenhalgh jgreenhalgh JamesGreen James Greenhalgh's Blog


  • === R0.2 and R0.3 CLabel and CDialog ===
  • Labour Divide as Follows:
    • Jamie and Barry will complete CLabel
      • CLabel(const CLabel& L);
      • CLabel(const char *Str, int Row, int Col, int Len = 0);
      • CLabel(int Row, int Col, int Len); *** ~CLabel();
      • void draw(int fn=C_NO_FRAME) ;
      • int edit();
      • bool editable()const;
      • void set(const void* str);
    • Anil will overload ALL operators in CDialog
      • CDialog& operator<<(CField* field);
      • CDialog& operator<<(CField& field);
      • CField& operator[](unsigned int index);
    • Everard
    • Sean

Commenting CFrame

  • Description: Adding comments to cframe.cpp
  • Being done by: Anil, Barry, Everard, Jamie and Sean
  • Status: Working.

Release Dates

R0.1 Due

  • Fri Feb 17, 11:59

R0.2 Due

  • Friday Mar 02, 23:59


  • Thurs Feb 23 - discussed best method for task delineation. Barry will set up IRC channel for group discussion. Members will leave IRC running while available during reading week for communication of issues.

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