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Team Name (Team FUN)

Project Marking Percentage

  • due right after study break (replace the XX with the percentage of your choice

Group work:      50%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: 50% +      (50 <= xx <= 75) 
Total           100%


Trunk Status

  • committed
    id: erodney
  • committed by
    id: adsantokhi
    name: Anil Santokhi
    irc nick: Acestarox
    Time: 6:06PM Friday, Feb 17th, 2012
  • committed by
    id: adsantokhi
    name: Anil Santokhi
    irc nick: Acestarox
    Time: 10:07PM Thursday March 22, 2012
  • committed by
    id: jgreenhalgh
    name: James Greenhalgh
    irc nick: JamesGreen
    Time: 8:51AM Friday March 23, 2012
    CCheckmark written and compiles - We don't have to have comments here, just a thought...
  • committed by
    id: adsantokhi
    name: Anil Santokhi
    irc nick: Acestarox
    Time: 7:47PM Monday March 26, 2012
    CText updated. Currently does not draw() correctly and edit() has not been tested. Probably does not work.

  • committed by
    id: erodney
    name: Everard Rodney
    irc nick: erodney
    Time: 9:28PM Monday March 26, 2012
    CMenuItem written and compiles. Empty default constructor included in CLabel for it to work

Team Members

Team Name (Team FUN)
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Anil Santokhi A adsantokhi adsantokhi Acestarox Anil Santokhi's Blog
Barry Tulchinsky B btulchinsky btulchinsky btulchinsky Barry Tulchinsky's Blog
Everard Rodney B erodney erodney astrop Everard's Blog
James Greenhalgh B jgreenhalgh jgreenhalgh JamesGreen James Greenhalgh's Blog


  • === R.03 - onward ====
  • Meeting Held Thurs Mar 15: Summary as follows
    • Division of Labour:
      • CButton, CCheckMark, CLineEdit, CValEdit have been started/written by Barry
      • CText - Anil
      • CCheckMark - James
      • CCheckList - group effort/TBD
      • CMenuItem - Everard
      • CMenu - James - Constructors and MNode already completed
    • Date for first trial Debugging Session
      • March 26th debugging of all classes will begin
    • Status of R.03 as of Mar 26th
      • CButton, CLineEdit, CValEdit - written and compiles
      • CText - constructors done, edit and draw in progress
      • CMemuItem - almost compiles
      • CMenu - almost done
      • CCheckMark - Done and compiles
      • CCheckList - Everard to work on solo

  • === R0.2 CLabel and CDialog ===
  • Labour Divide as Follows:
    • Jamie and Barry will complete CLabel
      • CLabel(const CLabel& L);
      • CLabel(const char *Str, int Row, int Col, int Len = 0);
      • CLabel(int Row, int Col, int Len); *** ~CLabel();
      • void draw(int fn=C_NO_FRAME) ;
      • int edit();
      • bool editable()const;
      • void set(const void* str);
    • Anil will overload ALL operators in CDialog
      • CDialog& operator<<(CField* field);
      • CDialog& operator<<(CField& field);
      • CField& operator[](unsigned int index);
    • Everard will code constructors/Destructor in CDialog & other return functions
      • CDialog (CFrame *Container = (CFrame*)0, int Row=-1, int Col= -1, int Width=-1, int Height=-1, bool Borderd =false, const char* Border=C_BORDER_CHARS);
      • virtual ~CDialog();
      • bool editable ();
      • int fieldNum () const;
      • int curIndex () const;
      • void draw (int);

  • === Discuss and decide ratio of marks between group work and individual work ===
  • Labour Divide as Follows:
    • Barry, Jamie, Sean, Everard, Anil
      • will decide during the team meeting Thursday, March 1st @ 8:00PM

Commenting CFrame

  • Description: Adding comments to cframe.cpp
  • Being done by: Anil, Barry, Everard, Jamie and Sean
  • Status: Working.

Release Dates

R0.1 Due

  • Fri Feb 17, 11:59

R0.2 Due

  • Friday Mar 02, 23:59

Group Mark Breakdown

  • Sunday Mar 04, 23:59


  • Thurs Feb 23 - discussed best method for task delineation. Barry will set up IRC channel for group discussion. Members will leave IRC running while available during reading week for communication of issues.
  • Status Update Meeting, Thurs Mar 01, 8:00pm - Meeting to check status in preparation for R0.2 release date.
  • Status Update Meeting, Thurs Mar 08, 8:00pm - Meeting to check status in preparation for R0.2 release date.
  • R0.3 Meeting - Thurs Mar 15, 8:00pm - See above note on specific agenda items. Assigned Work, date for debugging to begin

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