Team D IRC Logs 20103 - OOP344

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Team D IRC Logs:

Nov17.16:00 2010

<fardad_> DonChel: I don't see Micheal orCoblert....
<DonChel> fardad_:neither I
<DonChel> fardad_: I made this meeting time with Colbert.
<fardad_> DonChel: In that case, I will edit your wiki project page and assign tasks...
<fardad_> I will let you know ok?
<DonChel> Thanks
<fardad_> ok DonChel then the meeting is over :|
<DonChel> fardad_:really!, am I free right now!!!
<DonChel> fardad_: T_T
<fardad_> DonChel: there is no point when it is only you and I....
<fardad_> DonChel: it is supposed to be a team meeting...
<fardad_> I will post my instructions and let you know so you can follow and start working ok?
<DonChel> ok.
<fardad_> DonChel: for now , start doing FWBorder and test it with my test program
<fardad_> you need aprox. 4 hours of work to finish it
<DonChel> ok.
<DonChel> wow 4hours
<fardad_> please update your team page when you are done.
<DonChel> fardad_:sure!
<fardad_> DonChel: 4 hours of work is around a day and half for a student
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<DonChel> I am the only one to do for FWBorder?
<DonChel> fardad_:am I the only one to do for FWBorder.cpp?
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<fardad_> Yes,
<fardad_> all teams are doing the same
<DonChel> ok!
<fardad_> One person responsible for FWBorder,
<fardad_> I am doing what your other team member were supposed to do....
<DonChel> I see.