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== Contact Info ==
== Contact Info ==
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|+ Contact Info
|+ Contact Info

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Member List

Code Junkies - Member list
Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick SVN ID My Contributions Role
Parreno Brian bmparren A http://justletmepassoop344.blogspot.com/ bmparren bmparren Contributions Team Contact
Farzan Arya afarzan2 A http://aryafarzan.wordpress.com Arya_Farzan afarzan2 Contributions
Mousaffi Or-el omousaffi A http://orel60.blogspot.com orel60 omousaffi Contributions
Pliats Aleh apliats B http://oleg-oop.blogspot.com/ oleg_pliats n/a Contributions
Aleinikov Sergey saleinikov A http://s-aleinikov.blog.ca/ seal13 saleinikov Contributions
Ventura Dan dsventura A http://dsventura.blogspot.com/ danman dsventura Contributions
Horn David dhorn1 B http://horndavid.blogspot.com/ F1Z n/a Contributions
Tawaf Gamal gtawaf B http://gtawaf.blogspot.com/ the_wonderer gtawaf Contributions Team Contact

Email All Memebers

SVN Account


Code Junkies' OpText

Code Junkies Optext wiki page

Contact Info

Contact Info
Name MSN Messenger FaceBook Available for an IRC meeting
Brian Parreno guywithglasses@live.ca Search for "Brian Parreno" if this doesn't work Weekdays after 6pm except Tues and Fri
Arya Farzan arya6000@gmail.com Search for "Arya Farzan" if this doesn't work Everyday after 6PM
Gamal Tawaf ja_tawaf@hotmail.com Gamal Tawaf Every day after 6 except Fri and Sun
Or-el Mousaffi orelundisputed@hotmail.com Or-el Mousaffi Weekdays after 4, after 6 on Wed, and before 7 on Friday
Dan Ventura china_whop@hotmail.com Dan Ventura weekdays from 7 to whenever
Aleh Pliats I don't use it Aleh Pliats Weekdays after 6pm
David Horn dark_f1z@hotmail.com David Horn Weekdays after 7pm, N/A sat, anytime sunday
Sergey Aleinikov sergeyaleinikov@hotmail.com Sergey Aleinikov Weekdays after 5 except thursday and friday, weekends before 5.

To Do List

Assignment 1 - To Do List
Name Function Complete(Y/N)
Brian Parreno bio_displayflag, bio_flag, bio_menuItem, bio_displayMenuItem Y
Arya Farzan Backspace in bio_edit Y
Or-el Mousaffi Home, End, and Insert keys in bio_edit Y
David Horn Left Key in bio_edit Y
Gamal Tawaf TAB key in bio_edit Y
Dan Ventura RIGHT key in bio_edit Y
Aleh Piliats ESC key in bio_edit Y
Sergey DEL key in bio_edit Y

Simple Functions

to do...
Name Function Complete(Y/N)
Brian Parreno int bio_getch(void) Y
Arya Farzan void bio_flush(void) Y
Or-el Mousaffi void bio_clrscr() Y
David Horn int bio_cols(void) Y
Gamal Tawaf int bio_rows(void) Y
Dan Ventura void bio_end(void) and void bio_putch(int c) Y
Aleh Piliats void bio_init(void) Y
Sergey void bio_move(int r, int c) and void bio_putstr(const char *s) Y

Rules to follow

1. Two spaces for indentation


 int main 
   int i;
   int j;
   if (i == 0) 
     i = 1;

2. camel for vars ex: char thisIsCamel; int forLoop;

3. Do not create variables that are never use

4. Only use breaks in switch statements

5. Begin each class with #ifndef

6. Do not use redundant statements (i.e: if (x != 0) )

7. Comment with '/*' example: /* insert comment here */. Do not use '//' because that is use in c++ (we're coding in C)