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| Brian Parreno ||int bio_getch(void)|| Y
| Brian Parreno ||int bio_getch(void)|| Y
| Arya Farzan || void bio_flush(void) || N
| Arya Farzan || void bio_flush(void) || Y
| Or-el Mousaffi|| void bio_clrscr() || Y
| Or-el Mousaffi|| void bio_clrscr() || Y

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Member List

Code Junkies - Member list
Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick SVN ID My Contributions Role
Parreno Brian bmparren A http://justletmepassoop344.blogspot.com/ bmparren bmparren Contributions Team Contact
Farzan Arya afarzan2 A http://aryafarzan.wordpress.com Arya_Farzan afarzan2 Contributions
Mousaffi Or-el omousaffi A http://orel60.blogspot.com orel60 omousaffi Contributions
Pliats Aleh apliats B http://oleg-oop.blogspot.com/ oleg_pliats n/a Contributions
Aleinikov Sergey saleinikov A http://s-aleinikov.blog.ca/ seal13 saleinikov Contributions
Ventura Dan dsventura A http://dsventura.blogspot.com/ danman dsventura Contributions
Horn David dhorn1 B http://horndavid.blogspot.com/ F1Z n/a Contributions
Tawaf Gamal gtawaf B http://gtawaf.blogspot.com/ the_wonderer n/a Contributions Team Contact
Email All Memebers

SVN Account


Contact Info

Contact Info
Name MSN Messenger FaceBook Available for an IRC meeting
Brian Parreno guywithglasses@live.ca Search for "Brian Parreno" if this doesn't work Weekdays after 6pm except Tues and Fri
Arya Farzan arya6000@gmail.com Search for "Arya Farzan" if this doesn't work Everyday after 6PM
Gamal Tawaf ja_tawaf@hotmail.com Gamal Tawaf Every day after 6 except Fri and Sun
Or-el Mousaffi orelundisputed@hotmail.com Or-el Mousaffi Weekdays after 4, after 6 on Wed, and before 7 on Friday
Dan Ventura china_whop@hotmail.com Dan Ventura weekdays from 7 to whenever
Aleh Pliats I don't use it Aleh Pliats Weekdays after 6pm
David Horn dark_f1z@hotmail.com David Horn Weekdays after 7pm, N/A sat, anytime sunday
Sergey Aleinikov sergeyaleinikov@hotmail.com Sergey Aleinikov Weekdays after 5 except thursday and friday, weekends before 5.

To Do List

Assignment 1 - To Do List
Name Function Complete(Y/N)
Brian Parreno bio_displayflag, bio_flag, bio_menuItem, bio_displayMenuItem Y
Arya Farzan Backspace in bio_edit Y
Or-el Mousaffi Home, End, and Insert keys in bio_edit Y
David Horn Left Key in bio_edit Y
Gamal Tawaf TAB key in bio_edit Y
Dan Ventura RIGHT key in bio_edit Y
Aleh Piliats ESC key in bio_edit
Sergey DEL key in bio_edit Y

Simple Functions

to do...
Name Function Complete(Y/N)
Brian Parreno int bio_getch(void) Y
Arya Farzan void bio_flush(void) Y
Or-el Mousaffi void bio_clrscr() Y
David Horn int bio_cols(void) Y
Gamal Tawaf int bio_rows(void) Y
Dan Ventura void bio_end(void) and void bio_putch(int c) Y
Aleh Piliats void bio_init(void) N
Sergey void bio_move(int r, int c) and void bio_putstr(const char *s) Y

Rules to follow

1. Two spaces for indentation


 int main 
   int i;
   int j;
   if (i == 0) 
     i = 1;

2. camel for vars ex: char thisIsCamel; int forLoop;

3. Do not create variables that are never use

4. Only use breaks in switch statements

5. Begin each class with #ifndef

6. Do not use redundant statements (i.e: if (x != 0) )

7. Comment with '/*' example: /* insert comment here */. Do not use '//' because that is use in c++ (we're coding in C)