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Code Junkies - Member list
Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick SVN ID My Contributions Role
Parreno Brian bmparren A http://justletmepassoop344.blogspot.com/ bmparren n/a Contributions Team Contact
Farzan Arya afarzan2 A http://aryafarzan.wordpress.com Arya_Farzan n/a Contributions Team Contact
Mousaffi Or-el omousaffi A http://orel60.blogspot.com orel60 n/a Contributions Team Contact
Pliats Aleh apliats B http://oleg-oop.blogspot.com/ oleg_pliats n/a Contributions Team Contact
Aleinikov Sergey saleinikov A http://s-aleinikov.blog.ca/ seal13 n/a Contributions Team Contact
Ventura Dan dsventura A http://dsventura.blogspot.com/ danman n/a Contributions Team Contact
Horn David dhorn1 B http://horndavid.blogspot.com/ F1Z n/a Contributions
Tawaf Gamal gtawaf B http://gtawaf.blogspot.com/ the_wonderer n/a Contributions

more to be added soon...