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Master Status

  • Master (last pushed/being pushed) by Team Member name


Programming Style


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012


  • 2 spaces for indentation
  • Do not use tab character



Variable Naming

int main()
  int a = 1;
  char* bookNames;
  char bookId
  return 0;

Team Members

Add table rows by replacing sample table row, cell values with yours

OOP344 - Team name
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id & email wiki id IRC nick GITHUB ID Blog URL
Jevon Charran B Jscharran Jscharran jscharran jscharran Jevons Blog
Philip Lau A plau7 Philip Lau PLau PLau7 Philip Lau's Blog
DONG LI B dli79 Dong Li dong-dli dong-dli dongdli Wonderland of Coding

CUI Framework Skeletons


CUI Framework Milestones

Please work as the same programmer, discussed before

  • Programmer 1- Phil (CButton, CMenuItem,CCheckList)
  • Programmer 2- Jevon(CLineEdit,CValEdit, CText)
  • Programmer 3- Dong (Clabel, CDialog, CCheckmark)

  • A2 Milestone 0.4 - Due Friday July 19th
    • Implement CLabel
    • Implement CButton
    • Implement CLineEdit
  • A2 Milestone 0.5 - Due Friday July 26th
    • Implement CDialog
    • Implement CValEdit
    • Implement CMenuItem
  • A2 Milestone 0.7 - Due Friday August 3rd
    • Implement CCheckMark
    • Implement CText
    • Implement CCheckList