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Member List

First Name Last Name Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL MSN
YuJin Jeong yjeong yujin.jeong _YJ Spirit & Soul
David Perit drperit dperit dperit
Andrew Condinho ajcondinho ajcondinho Dueraim Andrew's Blog
Brian Law blaw1 blaw1

Member Roles

Member Role
YuJin 1. Book Meeting Room Every Week
2. Meeting Log
David TBA
Andrew TBA
Brian TBA


*How to write game proposal

Don't crash into buildings Team Blam

In our game, you will be the captain of a ship. The main engine of this ship is stuck on full blast, so it cannot ever stop. The ship is travelling through an increasingly dense urban landscape, and it is your goal to avoid crashing into anything for as long as possible! To accomplish this goal you have a view of your ship from high above it, allowing you to see buildings as they race towards you. You also have a set of maneuvering thrusters, which can push your ship back, forwards, left, and right on a two-dimensional plane. This will hopefully allow you to avoid crashing into buildings! The top down view of your ship is provided by a camera moving at a constant speed. This camera provides a limited view of the area around your ship, and your ship cannot move out of this area, or it will crash into an unseen building. This results in you having a mostly static view of your ship as it flies forward through the city. Crashing into a building will kill you. Try to avoid this. The maneuvering thrusters on your ship are unlimited use, and can move you at a constant speed around the viewable area. Due to overzealous construction, all of the entrances and exits to the city's planning department were blocked with buildings while the department was meeting to create a layout and zoning plan for the city. As a result, the placement of buildings in the city is random! There is, however, guaranteed to be a navigable path for your ship through the city, due to the actions of the Emergency Runaway Spacecraft Advance Demolition Crew, who are busy carving a path of destruction offscreen, just so that the game isn't impossible. All of the buildings in the city are rectangular in shape, making the collision detection code much easier to write.

Enhanced don't crash into buildings Team Blam (Some or all of these features may be added to/replace features in the base game, depending on time constraints) Rather than move you at a constant speed, your thrusters can accelerate you (up to certain maximum speeds). This can provide additional challenge. Rather than being instantly killed by a collision, you could have shields on your ship which regenerate over time. This would be damaged by collisions in direct proportion to the speed with which you collided with the building, and you will die if it's reduced to 0

Bullet point outline!

  • • Ship dodging obstacles
  • • Top down perspective
  • • Semi-randomly generated buildings generated in your path
  • ⁃ Random, but always guaranteed to be a navigable path that you can get through
  • • Ship moves around screen
  • • Camera covers a certain area of the screen that the ship is free to move within
  • • Ship moves natively at the same speed of the camera forward through the city
  • • City contains buildings that need to be avoided
  • • Either the ship and the camera move, or the buildings just move towards you
  • • Arrow keys move the ship in a horizontal plane at constant speeds when they are pressed
  • • Survive for as long as possible
  • • Hitting a building kills you
  • • Speed/building density increases over time


  • • Have it set in outer space, with asteroids
  • ⁃ Or could move between multiple environments, with movement through cloud layers allowing players a moment of rest
  • • Have three dimensional movement (up + down, along with forward + back + left + right)
  • ⁃ This would be combined with holes or gaps in the buildings that could be navigated through
    • ⁃ Because it is important to be at the correct altitude, we could have colour "temperatures" on the ship
    • and openings, indicating the correct altitude. These could either be over a continuous range, or a
    • set of discrete colours
    • ⁃ This may require a shift to a different perspective, as seeing inside of an opening presents its own
    • set of problems if the opening lasts more than a very short time
    • • Movement keys could accelerate the ship (although with a maximum speed), instead of instantly increasing
    • to a set speed when pressed and then stopping when released
  • ⁃ Acceleration could just be in the horizontal plane, if the altitude settings are discrete
  • • Have shields on the ship
  • ⁃ Impacts against obstacles could decrease shields proportionally to the speed of the impact
  • ⁃ Shields can regenerate over time
  • ⁃ Shield regeneration speed could be affected by firing weapons
  • ⁃ Have one source of energy that flows into shields, but only when weapons are not being fired
  • • Have passive ships that can be impacted
  • ⁃ Ships could be enemy ships that shoot at you
  • ⁃ Requires more complex collision detection code
  • • Could place weapons on ship, to fire back
  • ⁃ Requires collision detection

Map of the World of the Game

Moderator's - Instructors Comments

Important Project Due Dates

Tasks Due Date
1. Proposal outline and team members selected September 21
2. Proposal completed and members roles selected September 28
3. Research into game requirements begins September 29
4. Approval meeting with instructor Weeks of October 3 and October 10
5. Draft game submission and project review November 16
6. Final game presentation December 7

Meeting Log

Sept 16th Meeting

Meeting place : Room 1131, Seneca Library


  1. Look for the last member
  2. Brainstorming on our game - share any ideas in mind
  3. Decide member roles
  4. How this group will work
  5. Set regular meeting schedule
    1. at least once a week
    2. share each other's timetable


  1. Brian joined our group !
  2. Agreed on David's idea - he will put up more details on wiki page
  3. Will be decided later
  4. Work under one trunk
  5. Regular Meeting Schedule
    1. in-person meeting
    2. at Seneca Library - YuJin will book the room every week
    3. on every Thursday between 9:50am and 11:40am

Sept 23th Meeting

Meeting place : Room 1132, Seneca Library
Meeting time  : 9:50am ~ 11:40am


  1. Finalize our game proposal
  2. Divide roles & responsibilities
  3. Keep updated
    1. subscribe to team page and course pages
    2. subscribe by clicking 'watch' of each page menu
  4. Creating our own private team page ???
    1. to disclose certain information of our group project ???


Useful Links

Team Repository