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General Info

Team B IRC meeting logs


Trunk Status

  • Last committed by: NAME on Nov. 18 @ 6:10pm
  • Current status: Free to commit

Task Distribution

To Do

  • FWDialog (Oleg)
  • FWLineEdit (Kaitlyn)
  • FWButton (Kaitlyn)
  • FWCheck
  • FWValEdit
  • FWText (James)

Team Tasks


  • FWBorder (by November 18th 2010)


  • Update wiki
  • Assist Kaitlyn with FWBorder


  • FWField (by November 18th 2010)


  • October 12th 2010: Committed framework for project to trunk.
  • November 18 2010: Wiki updated. (James)
  • Oleg is having problems with FWField function "bool FWField::editable() const"

Completed Tasks

Simple Functions

James - Borland C++
Oleg - Visual C++
Kaitlyn - Linux


Suggested workload (by Fardad Soleimanloo):

  • The following are suggested task distribution between team members
  • Make a copy of the task distribution and add it to your project page, so I know who have done what
  • When committing your work to svn, make sure comment the task you are working on
  • You can exchange tasks between yourselves but make sure you have the changes reflected in your task distribution on your project page
  • If anyone needs help doing their part, don't hesitate to give them hand in logic and coding and blog about the problem and how it was fixed
  • If someone neglects to do their work or doesn't do the work on time , distribute his/her tasks between others, and send an email to me immediately. Those NOT doing the work will be fired from the group and have to do the project in a smaller scale alone.
  • If there are questions to be clarified, book a meeting with me on IRC. (send me an email and put the time in IRC meetings table with (??) added to team name. I will put my Initials if the meeting is approved.
  • If you believe I have overlooked any task or part, please add it here and I will take care of it: