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(Current Bugs)
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==Current Bugs==
==Current Bugs==
* T5: Popup window isn't displaying text in the right spot.
* T5: Popup window isn't displaying text in the right spot.
* T6: ESC is giving errors.
* ~Global: misc. containers aren't being displayed (see T4's buttons, for example).
== Completed Tasks ==
== Completed Tasks ==

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General Info

Team B IRC meeting logs


Trunk Status

  • Last committed by: Kaitlyn, November 30th @ 11:05pm
  • Current status: Safe
  • Update info: Updated fwcheck.cpp in trunk for t6.

Task Distribution

To Do

  • Debug

Team Tasks


  • Help test


  • FWText


  • Help test


  • Done


  • October 12 2010: Committed framework for project to trunk.
  • November 18 2010: Wiki updated. (James)
  • November 17 2010: Oleg is having problems with FWField function "bool FWField::editable() const"
  • November 23 2010: Set 3 IRC meetings, assigned further tasks
  • November 24 2010: Compilable version of current project in Kaitlyn's folder (everything thus far)
  • November 25 2010: Oleg is still having troubles with FWDialog
  • November 26 2010: Kaitlyn submitted FWBorder, FWButton, FWLineEdit, and FWCheck to trunk. All compile, and ready to test.
  • November 30 2010: Passing t1, t2, and t3.
  • November 30 2010: Passing t1, t2, t3, and t4! Make sure to get the updates from trunk/iol.6
  • December 01 2010: t5's "popup windows" aren't drawing their border in the right spot, and t6's radio button needs attention.
  • December 01 2010: Made the below list of current bugs to help us all keep track of what needs looked at.

Current Bugs

  • T5: Popup window isn't displaying text in the right spot.

Completed Tasks

Simple Functions

James - Borland C++
Oleg - Visual C++
Kaitlyn - Linux

Complex Functions

James - Wiki management
Oleg - FWField, FWLabel, FWDialog
Kaitlyn - FWBorder, FWLineEdit, FWButton, FWCheck
Fardad - FWValEdit