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Team B IRC Logs:

-Oct7, 2010

Channel view for “#rep03” opened.

   -->|    YOU (obogomaz) have joined #rep03
   <jrobinson7>    hello hello
   <obogomaz>    hello hello
   <jrobinson7>    first tings first, any idea how to make the font bigger in xchat?
   [INFO]    Font size is 13pt
   [INFO]    Font size is 11pt
   <obogomaz>    try Ctrl +
   <jrobinson7>    no dice
   <jrobinson7>    found it
   <obogomaz>    What did u learn in that gaming class today/
   <jrobinson7>    nothing much jus about different types of programming, mostly talked about games being made strictly with html5 and javascript
   <obogomaz>    Cool, what kind of game will you be making this semester
   [INFO]    You are no longer marked as away.
   <kmcdonald11>    oo, i'm mod of this room :)
   <jrobinson7>    probably a 2d old school kind of game
   <jrobinson7>    lol yeyeye
   <jrobinson7>    no kicking! :P
   <kmcdonald11>    hmm.. is there a lit of functions anywhere?
   <kmcdonald11>    list**
   <obogomaz>    and here...
   <jrobinson7>    o boy o boy
   <obogomaz>    lol, i've done the RIGHT_KEY already :)
   <obogomaz>    the rest is peace of cake, right?
   <jrobinson7>    haven't read wut we gotta do for the other functions yet
   <obogomaz>    good, then we'll give u the hardest ones...
   <jrobinson7>    sounds good
   <jrobinson7>    so should we get iol_edit done first?
   <obogomaz>    hey, James did u register for Fsoss yet?
   <jrobinson7>    yes and ive paid
   <obogomaz>    will do now before it's $30
   <jrobinson7>    lol i already did
   <jrobinson7>    wut keys do we still need to do?
   <obogomaz>    When are u guys going, both days?
   <jrobinson7>    i believe i am, maybe even wednesday for a gaming thing not sure tho
   <obogomaz>    i've done three keys so far, but did not commit yet
   <jrobinson7>    wasn't there only 4 to do? lol
   <jrobinson7>    well 5 i suppose
   <jrobinson7>    have you tested? and commit so i can update
   <obogomaz>    can't remember now, i stopped on BACKSPACE so hopefully after that picture assignment is done we'll have more time
   <obogomaz>    tested-yes, commit-no
   <jrobinson7>    its one click away come on! lol
   <obogomaz>    i guess i'll commit tomorrow and update that little table in Proj Dev page
   <jrobinson7>    i think kaitlyn might be in a quest of some sort :P
   <jrobinson7>    so wut keys still need to be done??
   <obogomaz>    kaitlyn has guests? lol
   <jrobinson7>    quests with a Q
   <obogomaz>    Se is probably working on the functions
   <jrobinson7>    it was a joke lol
   <obogomaz>    i hope she is not easily offended lol
   <jrobinson7>    id be working too but i have NO idea wut uve done so I don't know wut to do :S
   <obogomaz>    i'll let you know tomorrow about the keys, just see if there are functions you like to do and add them to that table on the Proj dev Page
   <obogomaz>    do them all... :)
   <jrobinson7>    you wish
   <jrobinson7>    let me check out this displayflag
   <obogomaz>    Sounds good...
   <jrobinson7>    so are you building off our teachers files?
   <obogomaz>    I hope the hacking students are not on that FSOSS site
   <obogomaz>    yes, i did not add them to the trunk?
   <obogomaz>    i thought i did
   <jrobinson7>    nope
   <jrobinson7>    well no commit
   <kmcdonald11>    yes, sorry.. i have a very chatty roommate who doesn't leave me alone
   <kmcdonald11>    her friend came over, so i think i'm safe
   <jrobinson7>    haha thats kool
   <jrobinson7>    i have no idea wuts going on to be honest
   <kmcdonald11>    as for FSOSS, i plan to only go the thursday. i'll go on friday if i enjoy it
   <obogomaz>    all registered for FSOSS as well, can't wait
   <jrobinson7>    ahh very nice
   <obogomaz>    Yea, it's the study week, gotta
   <kmcdonald11>    so we only have to do left, right, home, end, del, backspace, tab, escape, and insert? and just add in the "istexteditor" to tab (just declare it, i believe.. like a check variable)
   <obogomaz>    kaitlyn, Jimmy was just saying not to worry about the assignment, he is going to do all the functions alone...
   <obogomaz>    he likes chalanges
   <kmcdonald11>    haha
   <kmcdonald11>    i wish
   <jrobinson7>    lol thats wut i said.. u wish
   <jrobinson7>    umm and i believe some other functions
   <kmcdonald11>    we should make a list to get a refined view of them all
   <jrobinson7>    according to our Functions still needed to be completed:
   <jrobinson7>    ya and oleg commit damn it! lol
   <obogomaz>    i created that page, so don't trust it 100%
   <jrobinson7>    ooo haha
   <jrobinson7>    well i believe some1 said we need to do all the functions, but hey wut do i know
   <kmcdonald11>    so just all the remaining on the page?
   <obogomaz>    i guess, we could just add whatever function you are starting to work on to that list, so no one else starts on it as well
   <jrobinson7>    im working on void iol_displayflag
   <kmcdonald11>    i haven't started any of them, so far
   <obogomaz>    or you guys could decide now who is going to do what...
   <kmcdonald11>    i'll try writing down a list
   <obogomaz>    we could always help each other out, right?
   <kmcdonald11>    definitely
   <kmcdonald11>    iol_edit.. hm
   <obogomaz>    hm...???
   <jrobinson7>    lol
   <kmcdonald11>    so, if i have everything..
   <obogomaz>    i guess could try it if you guys insist...lolll
   <jrobinson7>    im still waiting for u to commit
   <kmcdonald11>    iol_edit (which includes left, right, home, end, del, backspace, tab, esc and insert), isTextEditor (easy), iol_displayFlag, iol_flag, iol_displayMenuItem, iol_menuItem
   <obogomaz> friend, maniana....
   <kmcdonald11>    iol_edit isn't much more than the special keys, right?
   <jrobinson7>    ya i believe so
   <jrobinson7>    build off wut our teacher has i believe
   <obogomaz>    left, right, home, end, are done...
   <obogomaz>    backspace as well
   <obogomaz>    esc as well
   <jrobinson7>    are we building this based off our own mains or our teachers main?
   <obogomaz>    i'm guessing we are testing our functions from main...later on we'll probably have some testmain
   <kmcdonald11>    i assume we use our own test mains. can erase what we had and replace to help us along the way with debugging
   <jrobinson7>    mmmk
   <obogomaz>    we should just get together and get it all done at once...seems easier
   <obogomaz>    too much time on deciding...
   <obogomaz>    i still like the idea of Jimmy doing them all, lol...
   <kmcdonald11>    yeah, would make it easier as well. for all of us to collaborate and such
   <jrobinson7>    well its up to you guys i'll do wutever it takes
   <kmcdonald11>    well tomorrow after oop is our dbs stuff. marina did it last semester and said it's pretty easy
   <obogomaz>    sounds good to me
   <kmcdonald11>    as long as we have a rough idea of each function, whenever we meet to code it, it shouldn't take too long. we can debug together and make sure it works
   <kmcdonald11>    it's just that monday is a holiday
   <kmcdonald11>    which leaves tuesday.. our longest school day, and it's due wednesday at noon
   <obogomaz>    i'm just playing Jimmy, we'll all do an even part of work, otherwise you'll get better knowledge
   <jrobinson7>    i know i know
   <obogomaz>    i'll try to do some work on the weekend and post it to that table on Proj Dev Page as well as commit it to the trunck
   <jrobinson7>    i agree tho if we get together itd go a lot more smoothly
   <jrobinson7>    and oleg PLS COMMIT!
   <jrobinson7>    lol
   <jrobinson7>    we can talk about it more tomorrow
   <kmcdonald11>    i'll take a look at the menu things. edit should be pretty easy if we follow fardad's lead
   <jrobinson7>    so we all really have an idea of wut needs to be done over the weekend or w/e
   <kmcdonald11>    right
   <obogomaz>    right
   <kmcdonald11>    like write it on paper or something just so you have a rough idea of the functions
   <kmcdonald11>    and how they work
   <jrobinson7>    ya soundgood
   <obogomaz>    How about next meeting is over the phone, my typing really sucks... :)
   <jrobinson7>    and we can kinda do the same thing with dbs
   <jrobinson7>    or if we have time just work on it
   <kmcdonald11>    well i'm hoping dbs will be completed tomorrow, if not close
   <kmcdonald11>    shouldn't be hard
   <jrobinson7>    ya its usually pretty straight forward
   <jrobinson7>    jus grab code from here and here and away we go
   <kmcdonald11>    yeah, plus the 3 of us should be able to figure it out in no time
   <obogomaz>    sounds good, should we save that as our IRC meeting?
   <jrobinson7>    we can save this but i don't know how good it is hahaha
   <kmcdonald11>    better than nothing, i suppose
   <obogomaz>    hey, we did talk about assignment and did not use bad words, i guess it counts
   <jrobinson7>    i jus saved
   <obogomaz>    don't forget to commit it

-Oct14, 2010

Query view for “jrobinson7” opened.

   <jrobinson7>    hey u there?
   ===    jrobinson7 <> “Jim”
   ===    jrobinson7: member of #seneca-oop344
   ===    jrobinson7: attached to “TX, USA”
   ---    End of WHOIS information for jrobinson7.
   <obogomaz>    hey, just started on oop?
   <obogomaz>    sorry not a question..
   <jrobinson7>    lol
   <jrobinson7>    ya i cant merge this crap
   <jrobinson7>    i tried adding in the code i made different and it wont compile
   <jrobinson7>    and it wont let me merge
   <obogomaz>    why wont compile?
   <jrobinson7>    dont know bunch of errors
   <jrobinson7>    and if i dont add it in i cant merge cause svn doesn't know wtf it is
   <jrobinson7>    but my files work great, just wont merge
   <obogomaz>    just add your functions one by one, never mines iol_edit or main
   <jrobinson7>    so wut would u like me to do for iol_edit?
   <obogomaz>    not sure, give me 10-15in to look it over again and i'll let u know
   <jrobinson7>    kk sounds good
   <obogomaz>    ok, do you want to work on home key, it works but there is a bug somewhere?
   <jrobinson7>    lol i'll take a look in a min
   <jrobinson7>    everything commited?
   <obogomaz>    good, just read the iol_edit description for a few min, i'll commit in 5 -10 min
   <obogomaz>    hey, are u there?
   <jrobinson7>    ya just working on dbs
   <obogomaz>    Ok, i just committed my branch
   <obogomaz>    if you want to work on Home and END keys
   <obogomaz>    take iol.2 from my branch
   <jrobinson7>    alright im gonna work on it outside of svn
   <obogomaz>    now, there are two tests for home and end keys
   <obogomaz>    one in the beginning of testmain
   <obogomaz>    and one in the middle
   <obogomaz>    for different modes
   <jrobinson7>    so dont take iol.3?
   <obogomaz>    i can get them to work fine for each test but it is somting to do with texteditor on and off
   <obogomaz>    see if you can spot a problem, feel free to modify anything else, just let me know
   <jrobinson7>    but dont take iol.3?
   <obogomaz>    o, by the way, how is Kaitlyn?
   <jrobinson7>    i dunno
   <jrobinson7>    lol
   <jrobinson7>    iol.2 or iol.3????
   <obogomaz>    iol.2 and iol.3 same, i just made a copy rigth now
   <obogomaz>    i'll work on 3 so i'll be modified
   <jrobinson7>    ahhh kk
   <obogomaz>    you should ask
   <obogomaz>    here
   <jrobinson7>    huh?
   <obogomaz>    ...corection...her
   <jrobinson7>    how? lol
   <obogomaz>    i dunno
   <obogomaz>    mail
   <obogomaz>    phone
   <obogomaz>    in person, may be
   <jrobinson7>    lol
   <jrobinson7>    home just crashed the program haha
   <obogomaz>    that hacking class really help ...
   <jrobinson7>    lol
   <jrobinson7>    im getting so confused lookin at this
   <obogomaz>    trust me i know
   <jrobinson7>    alright so i took out done = 1 just to see wut would happen, and it works, but im still not sure wut this textedit crap is
   <obogomaz>    it works with both tests?
   <jrobinson7>    haven't done his test
   <jrobinson7>    which number is it?
   <obogomaz>    not sure start from 1
   <obogomaz>    mark wc ones not workg
   <obogomaz>    damn, somthinf wrong with my wireless keyboard
   <obogomaz>    misses letters
   <jrobinson7>    hmmm
   <jrobinson7>    this is tough lol
   <jrobinson7>    so in the code, how can it tell if anymore characters can be entered?
   <jrobinson7>    i think i found something wrong with overstrike mode
   <obogomaz>    if str < maxdatalen
   [ERROR]    The command “/” is not known to the server.
   <jrobinson7>    yes
   <obogomaz>    ??
   <jrobinson7>    thats wrong
   <obogomaz>    what?
   <jrobinson7>    since it replaces characters, it doesn't matter if the field is full
   <jrobinson7>    jus has to check if its at the end of it
   <obogomaz>    that is the same, once it's at the nd wont go anyore
   <jrobinson7>    no
   <jrobinson7>    if ur at the beginning of the string and the feild is full and overstrike is on
   <jrobinson7>    you can still type in it
   <jrobinson7>    but with that statement it shows the strlen is full and wont edit it
   <obogomaz>    that's why <=
   <jrobinson7>    lol
   <jrobinson7>    u dont get what i mean
   <jrobinson7>    or
   <jrobinson7>    i dont get it
   <jrobinson7>    lol
   <jrobinson7>    im so lost in this code
   <obogomaz>    let me test it quickly
   <jrobinson7>    ya i think im wrong
   <jrobinson7>    i was looking at a test that has to do with insert, but was looking in overstrike lol
   <jrobinson7>    ya im stuck at test 9.6
   <jrobinson7>    ok isTextEditor
   <obogomaz>    what do u mean?
   <jrobinson7>    wtf is it
   <jrobinson7>    lol
   <obogomaz>    that is what confuses the hell out of me...istexteditor
   <jrobinson7>    lol
   <jrobinson7>    i dont think u have to check it when some1 is typing in crap
   <obogomaz>    overstrike mode modified now, works 100%
   <jrobinson7>    cause in 9.6 its set to 0 so it wont add anything in the txtbox but is suppose to
   <obogomaz>    i know i was going to look into that now
   <obogomaz>    you are probably right, i was going to test it without istext on
   <obogomaz>    Ok, passed 9.6 when not checking for isTextEditor, we'll leave it at that...
   <obogomaz>    good eye
   <obogomaz>    i think once we get home and End keys working properly, we are almost done....
   <obogomaz>    Home key done, tested and working, we'll do end key now
   <jrobinson7>    i think it is working fine
   <jrobinson7>    home and end
   <jrobinson7>    and ya daleee said we dont need to check it
   <obogomaz>    what
   <obogomaz>    there are more tests for home and end around 9.16
   <jrobinson7>    o ok im not there yet lol
   <jrobinson7>    uh oh i failed 9.9 lol
   <jrobinson7>    got to 9.19 before failing
   <obogomaz>    forget it, i'll leave it till tomorrow, the rest all fail too
   <jrobinson7>    lol well i got to 9.19
   <obogomaz>    i think i know where the rest of the problems are, end key sold be ok to fix and the make the left right keys to terminate the function when sift has happened
   <jrobinson7>    i crashed it during the test when it said hit any button and i hate space and it crashed lol
   <jrobinson7>    and im having trouble with end
   <obogomaz>    let me know if you fix any more problems, i'll go see what the wify is up to...
   <obogomaz>    no good...
   <obogomaz>    went for stupid exray after school
   <jrobinson7>    ah howd that go
   <obogomaz>    wrist may be broken
   <obogomaz>    find out tomorrow
   <jrobinson7>    damn that sux man
   <obogomaz>    i hope they don't put the cast
   <obogomaz>    i committed iol.3 in my branches if you need it
   <jrobinson7>    alright kool
   <jrobinson7>    thats with outdated code of mine lol
   <obogomaz>    so did u manage to merge to trunk
   <jrobinson7>    no but i jus got end to work i believe
   <obogomaz>    cool, how, there is more stuff to code about [Section #1] IsTextEditor and *offset