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Team B - OOP344 20133

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Team Name


Project Marking Percentage

Group work:        40%   
Individual work:   60% + 
Total             100%


BDOT Repository Path: Team B

Master Branch Status


Coding Style and Standards

  • The following will serve as an example of our coding standard:
#ifndef __BDOT_FILENAME_H__ // Our Team's Safeguard
#define __BDOT_FILENAME_H__

class example {    // There will be a space after every class identifier for the definition
    int _data;     // Member variables should start with an underscore
    int _arraySize // Use meaningful names for variables when applicable and use lower Camel Case
    int _width;    // Every object have its own type
    char* _pArray; // Pointers should have * part of the type



#include <iostream>
#include <cstring>
using namespace std;

int main() {
  int a = 0;              // Indentation is 2 spaces
  int b = 1;              // NO Tab characters allowed! Replace every tab character with 2 spaces.
  char name[] = "Spoom";
                          // Put a newline after variable declaration
  if(a > b ? a : b) {
    a = a * b;            // Put a space between EVERY variable and operator
                          // Put a newline after a control structure
  if(!strcmp(name, "Spoom")) {
    cout << "Welcome, Spoom!" << endl; // Every statement within a control structure will
  }                                    // be wrapped in braces, even if there is only 1 line
  else {
    cout << "Get out." << endl;

  return 0;

Team Members

Team B: BDOT

First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Arlene Lee C alee110 Arlene Lee Zephyr135 KakuKaku
Adam Sharpe B ansharpe Adam Nicholas Sharpe AdamSharpe Object Oriented Programming Stuff
Ragu Sivanandha B rsivanandha Raguraam Sivanandha Ragu Ragu's Blog
Benson Wong B bwong53 Benson Wong wongbsn Benson's Blog


Release 0.2 is due October 20th, 23:59

  1. Organize and complete team page - Complete
  2. Select a team member's console.cpp and console.h to use - Complete
    • That team member should branch and clone repository and add the files to it as well as comment on cframe.h with github id, date, and time and merge it back
  3. All other members clone the repository, comment, and test the execution of CFrame - Incomplete
    • The comment should include your github id, date, and time in the cframe.h file
    • Push the final changes to github


October 16, 2013 - Rm S3011

  • Completing team page, finalizing coding standards, and deciding on whose console.cpp/console.h we are using (Arlene's).

October 15, 2013 - Rm S3012

  • Meet, greet, and discussion on coding standards