Team B - OOP344 20133

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Team B


Project Marking Percentage

  • due right after study break

Group work:        XX%   (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work:   XX% + (50 <= xx <= 75)
Total             100%


Master Branch Status

  • committed/committing by full name, ircnick: mynick, any other info

Coding Style and Standards

  • No Tab Character allowed. (replace tabs with spaces)
  • Each object must have its own type:
int a;
int b;
CDialog D;
  • With regards to space characters, standard will be as follows:
if(a == b) {
  x = y * z; // 2 spaces for indentation
  • With regards to classes, standard will be as follows:
class example {
    int _a; // member variables should start with an underscore
    int _arraySize // use meaningful names for variables when applicable and use camel notation
    char* pArray; // pointers should have '*' part of the type

Team Members

Team B: "Name???"

First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Arlene Lee C alee110 Arlene Lee Zephyr135 KakuKaku
Adam Sharpe B ansharpe Adam Nicholas Sharpe AdamSharpe Object Oriented Programming Stuff
Ragu Sivanandha B rsivanandha Raguraam Sivanandha Ragu Ragu's Blog
Benson Wong B bwong53 Benson Wong wongbsn Benson's Blog


Task Name

  • task description
  • being done by team member name / not assigned
  • status


  • latest will be on top

topic, date