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Michael Thornlund [http://www.nuiteq.com/downloads/files/Gesture_analyzing.pdf "Gesture Analyzing"]
Michael Thornlund [http://www.nuiteq.com/downloads/files/Gesture_analyzing.pdf "Gesture Analyzing"]
Tim Syth [http://lushmind.org/galleryText/PDFs/touchingTechnologyTimSyth.pdf "Touching Technology"]
= Research Notes =
= Research Notes =

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Team Armour

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Thesis Statement


"Touch screen technology has improved the interactions between human and computers by eliminating the middleware"


Direct Human-Machine Interaction; Eliminating Middleware; Touch Screen;


AMEInfo "HP redefines touchscreen PC experience with new ergonomic design"

Davis, Cyndi "Will touchscreen technology eliminate Ergonomic risk in computing and gaming?"

Bragg, Roy "Touch-Screen success would make PC mouse obsolete"

Nintendo America "Nintendo Wii U"

Saffer, Dan "Activity Zones for touchscreen tables and phones"

Swann, Melanie "Ergonomics of Touch Screens"

Tannen, Rob "Designing *for humans"

Hsinfu Huang Li-Hao Chen "Enhancing Human-Computer Interaction and Feedback in Touchscreen Icon"

Michael Thornlund "Gesture Analyzing"

Tim Syth "Touching Technology"

Research Notes

Projects Proposals

Human-Machine Interaction Changes

  • discuss the changes in human-machine interaction from a punch card to touch interface.

Possible future in Touch Technology

  • (Need more research on this)