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(Team Members)
(Team Members)
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|[[User:Hamza-Tahir|Hamza]]||Tahir||A||[mailto:htahir1@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 htahir1]||[[Special:Contributions/Hamza-Tahir|Hamza-Tahir]]||hamzaT- || []
|[[User:Hamza-Tahir|Hamza]]||Tahir||A||[mailto:htahir1@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 htahir1]||[[Special:Contributions/Hamza-Tahir|Hamza-Tahir]]||hamzaT- ||
[http://hamza-oop344.blogspot.com OOP344 C++]

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OOP344 | Weekly Schedule | Student List | Teams | Project | Student Resources

Team Name

Project Marking Percentage

Group work:        XX%       (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work:   XX% +     (50 <= xx <= 75)
Total             100%


Master Branch Status


  • Alter The Table Before You Merge To Master Repository
    Closed: Wait for the Repository to get opened
    Opened: The Repository is free and mergable
Master Reposetory Satus - OOP344A - Team A
Master Status Student Name Date Duration Brief description
CLOSED/OPENED NAME DD/MM/YYYY 00:00PM - 00:00PM Description here

Team-A Logs

Log Entry For Each Merged To Master
Date Time Student's Name Merged User IRC Nickname Description
DD/MM/YYYY 00:00 PM Full Name MySenecaEmail IRC Nickname Merged Description here
DD/MM/YYYY 00:00 PM Full Name MySenecaEmail IRC Nickname Merged Description here

Coding Style and Standards

  • No Tab Character allowed. Replace the Tabs with 2 spaces on any IDE that you're currently using.
  • Each object must have its own type:
int a;
int b;
CDialog D;
  • Every statement should be within its own curly brackets (Even it's a one line statement)
for((initilization; condition; increment){
  code block statement(s);

  code block statement(s);

  code block statement(s);


Team Members

Team Name : Team A
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Jaemin Yeo A jyeo Jaemin Yeo Jaemin Jaemin's OOP344 Blog
Mohammad-Reza Akbari A makbari11 Mohammad-Reza Akbari reza_akbari Reza's Blog
Omkar Parmar A onparmar onparmar onparmar

C++ OOP Programming

Hamza Tahir A htahir1 Hamza-Tahir hamzaT-

OOP344 C++


Task Name : Release 0.2

Due Date

Sunday Oct 20th, 23:59

  • Task Description  : Setting up the development environment and testing CFrame Base class.
More Detail http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/CIO_20133_Release_0.2_-_OOP344#To_Do
  • Programmer Name :
  • Status :
  • Github Branch Link :


  • latest will be on top

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