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(Map of the World of the Game)
(Map of the World of the Game)
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==Map of the World of the Game==
==Map of the World of the Game==
[[Image:Trackmap.jpeg|thumb|widthpx| ]]
==Moderator's - Instructors Comments==
==Moderator's - Instructors Comments==

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Team A

Team Members

  1. Suventhan Krishnamoorthy
  2. Aayush Dhamala
  3. Nan Zhou (Team Leader)
  4. Nikita Kuznetsov (Team Advisor)
  5. Aakash Dhawan

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Game Description

Team A will be working on a car racing game which will be called the "Time Racer".The main idea behind the game is to allow the user to reach certain point in the game within a time limit.In other words the user will race against time.Basically the user will start with 60 seconds of time on the clock. The user will have to reach the checkpoint within that time period in order to further playing the game. Once the user reaches the checkpoint, X amount of time will added and the racer will try to reach the second checkpoint. In the event that the user does not reach the checkpoint within the given time limit, the game will end.


As for the controls, the user will find it fairly simple and easy to use. Arrow keys will be used. "UP" to accelerate the car, "DOWN" to break the break/put the car in reverse, "LEFT" & "RIGHT" to turn the car.User will be given a list of various cars in the beginning to the game and will have the opportunity to select the one that he/she desires.


Depending on how the user drives, if he/she gets off the race track the car will collide with the walls

Map of the World of the Game


Moderator's - Instructors Comments

  • add repo link
  • add marking %
  • add trunk status
  • your concept is fine, but you need much more detail to start coding
    • map of the game
    • what kind of collision
      • try to stay axis aligned - more on this when we meet
    • what kinds of models will you use

Any other thing you find necessary