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Team !YOU - OOP344

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This is Team !YOU's Project Page

You will find all project related information here

Team Members


Our IRC channel is #oop344_!you on freenode. Please join the channel whenever you are on IRC.

The channel is restricted to Fardad and the team members. There is an access list that will automatically kick and ban anyone that is not allowed to be there. For this reason, we should always make sure we are using our official IRC nicks (or one within our nick group) and that we are identified with the nickserv (/nickserv identify mypassword) before issuing the join command.

If you are getting a message that you are banned on our channel, make sure you are identified and then issue the command /chanserv unban #oop344_!you before trying to join again.

IRC Meetings

Our first meeting is going to happen on Wednesday, January 27th, from 10pm to midnight. On the following weeks, we will meet regularly on Mondays from 8pm to 10pm.

(Discussion table below to be moved to the team discussion page)

Name Comment
fmDeOliveira Evenings work better for me... It is hard to find some time in the morning or afternoon that all or most of us are able to be on IRC.
ammisko Evening are also good for me. I don't have class later than 320 every day. As long as I know a few days in advance I shouldn't have a problem with meeting any time after 320.
MattAdams Evening is probably better, because that is when I do all of my programming. I normally work from Thursday to Sunday, so early week is better for me.
Mziaei1 Evenings are better for me too. Any evening, unless something unexpected happens.
Timothy Any evening or weekend is good for me. Most school days I'm home by 6:30 p.m. at the latest so anytime after that would be perfect.
Mddaniels Evenings are good for me, I have a paper route that keeps me busy until 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays but asside from that I'm available
Nsimmalavong Anytime after 7 pm is good except on Tuesdays and Fridays, it would be preferred after 9 because I tend to work later those days. I can be made available at anytime on IRC outside those times if needed.
Amward1 Evenings are good.

Team Programming Standards

An area for listing our teams programming standards that we will use when constructing the project. Please follow these rules when writing code for this project. This will make it easier for us to help each other and collaborate in the whole process.

Below is a list of standards we have accepted as a group. To discuss our team programming standards, please use!YOU_-_Standards_Discussion.

Code Examples

Below we all will post our OOP244 Assignment 4 from last semester. Please zip all of the files, and upload it.

This will help all of us create our coding "rules". I, of all people, know how hard it is to break coding habits. So if we upload examples of how we code, then we can have a better understanding of each other's habits, and create rules that make us all happy.

The sooner everyone posts their code, the sooner everyone else can read it, and the sooner we can create our programming rules.

Code Example
Name Code
Name Comment
Mddaniels The only problem I have with this is that 1) I do not have any code left from previous semesters on my computers due to a system's crash. If it is really needed then I will write a piece of dummy code in my prefered style and post it here to the team page.
ammisko I don't have a coding example from last semester either. I took OOP244 a while ago so I'll have to find something to upload from then.
amward1 Yikes - not crazy about the potential plagiarism issue in a forum accessible to current 244 students. I can post some non-coursework code, but my coding varies depending on the editor (eg. for nesting, in nled or vi I open my brackets on the same line as an if statement, but in Visual Studio I go with the automaticly-inserted brackets on the next line, similar to mddaniels' style above.)
If we find this exercise useful, I would be happy to post some other code. Has anyone gone through the samples uploaded so far and found significant differences?