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Team !YOU - OOP344

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This is Team TBA's Project Page

You will find all project related information here

Team Members

Name Discussion

So we should decide our final name as soon as possible. The suggestions I remember we had after last class were the ones below. Please add some if you have new ideas.

  •  !us (not us)
  •  !you (not you)
  •  !done (not done)
  •  !fail (not fail)
  •  !F (not F)
  •  !A++ (not A++)
  •  !C++ (not C++)
  • 344++
  • Overloaded Operators
  • OOPs we did it again
  • fardad.giveUs(A++ );
  • Bjarne's Angels
 fmDeOliveira: I like !A++ from these options, and I find fardad.giveUs(A++) really funny.

Team Programming Standards

An area for listing our teams programming standards that we will use when constructing the project. Please follow these rules when writing code for this project. This will make it easier for us to help each other and collaborate in the whole process.

Declare only one variable in each line.

This makes it easier to scan the code and find the type of a variable that you see somewhere else in the code.


 int a;
 int b = 0;
 int c = a;


 int a, b = 0, c = a;

Do not use tabs when indenting.

The tab space is interpreted different across different software and operating systems. Use normal spaces to add indentation instead.