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This is Team TBA's Project Page

You will find all project related information here

Team Members

OOP344 - 2010 Team TBA
Last Name Name Seneca ID Section Blog URL IRC nick My Contributions
Adams Matthew mdadams1 A MattAdams Contributions
De Oliveira Felipe fmdeoliveira A fmDeOliveira Contributions
Ward Amy amward1 A award Contributions
Ziaei Minoo mziaei1 A Minooz Contributions

Name Discussion

So we should decide our final name as soon as possible. The suggestions I remember we had after last class were the ones below. Please add some if you have new ideas.

  •  !us (not us)
  •  !you (not you)
  •  !done (not done)
  •  !fail (not fail)
  •  !F (not F)
  •  !A++ (not A++)
  •  !C++ (not C++)
  • 344++
  • Overloaded Operators
  • OOPs we did it again
  • fardad.giveUs(A++ );
  • Bjarne's Angels
 fmDeOliveira: I like !A++ from these options, and I find fardad.giveUs(A++) really funny.