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! Add your nickname below if you can make this meeting
! Add your nickname below if you can make this meeting
|  ammisko
|  ammisko, tjcatibog

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Team !You - To the main team page.

IRC Meeting Discussion

Name Comment
fmDeOliveira Evenings work better for me... It is hard to find some time in the morning or afternoon that all or most of us are able to be on IRC.
ammisko Evening are also good for me. I don't have class later than 320 every day. As long as I know a few days in advance I shouldn't have a problem with meeting any time after 320.
MattAdams Evening is probably better, because that is when I do all of my programming. I normally work from Thursday to Sunday, so early week is better for me.
Mziaei1 Evenings are better for me too. Any evening, unless something unexpected happens.
Timothy Any evening or weekend is good for me. Most school days I'm home by 6:30 p.m. at the latest so anytime after that would be perfect.
Mddaniels Evenings are good for me, I have a paper route that keeps me busy until 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays but asside from that I'm available
Nsimmalavong Anytime after 7 pm is good except on Tuesdays and Fridays, it would be preferred after 9 because I tend to work later those days. I can be made available at anytime on IRC outside those times if needed.
Amward1 Evenings are good.

IRC Meetings

All IRC meeting logs can be found here.


Meeting No. 1

Time: Wednesday, January 27th, from 10pm to midnight.

Meeting Log

Our first meeing was held in two rooms, our room(oop344_!you) and the seneca_oop344 room. I have uploaded both logs.

 seneca_oop344 Log
 oop344_!you Log


- First whole team meeting.

- Fardad covered basics of IRC.

- Agreed upon several team programming standards.

- Casual programming discussion.

Meeting No. 2

Time: Monday, February 1st, 8pm to 10pm

Add your nickname below if you can make this meeting
ammisko, mziaei1, MattAdams, fmDeOliveira

Meeting Log



- Installed SVN on everyone's computer

- Downloaded current project

- Create Branch director for every memeber

- Assigned function to everyone (Due Wednesday Feb 3, 2010) - Please check here for you function [!YOU - BIO Library]

Meeting No. 3

Time: Monday, February 8th, 8pm to 10pm

Add your nickname below if you can make this meeting
ammisko, tjcatibog

Meeting Log