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(Task 2: bio_edit() switch cases)
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| HOME_KEY || tjcatibog  || Completed ||
| HOME_KEY || tjcatibog  || Completed ||
| END_KEY || tjcatibog, mziaei1  || Completed, Debugging||
| END_KEY || tjcatibog, mziaei1  || Completed, Debugged||
| ESCAPE_KEY || tjcatibog  || Completed ||
| ESCAPE_KEY || tjcatibog  || Completed ||

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Team !You - To the main team page.

Basic Input Output Library

Task 1: Committing Simple Function

Simple Function Commit Tasks
Function Member Responsible Status Committed : BY
void bio_init() MattAdams Completed Yes : Matthew Adams
void bio_end() tjcatibog
int bio_rows() CDNPadawan Completed
int bio_cols() CDNPadawan Completed
void bio_clrscr() fmDeOliveira Completed Yes : Felipe de Oliveira
void bio_flush() fmDeOliveira Completed Yes : Felipe de Oliveira
int bio_getch() ammisko Completed Yes : Andrew Misko
void bio_move(int r, int c) nsimmalavong Completed Yes : Niki Simmalavong
void bio_putch(int c) award Completed Yes : Amy Ward
void bio_putstr(const char* str) Minooz Completed Yes : Minoo Ziaei

Task 2: bio_edit() switch cases

Function Specs Here

bio_edit() switch cases
case Member Responsible Status Committed : BY
UP_KEY tjcatibog Completed
DOWN_KEY tjcatibog Completed
LEFT_KEY tjcatibog Completed
RIGHT_KEY tjcatibog, mziaei1 Completed, Debugged
PGUP_KEY tjcatibog Completed
PGDN_KEY tjcatibog Completed
ENTER_KEY tjcatibog Completed
TAB_KEY tjcatibog, mziaei1 Debugging, completed
BACKSPACE_KEY tjcatibog, mziaei1 Debugging, completed
DEL_KEY tjcatibog, mziaei1 Completed, Debugged
HOME_KEY tjcatibog Completed
END_KEY tjcatibog, mziaei1 Completed, Debugged
ESCAPE_KEY tjcatibog Completed
INSERT_KEY tjcatibog Completed
F1_KEY tjcatibog Completed
F2_KEY tjcatibog Completed
F3_KEY tjcatibog Completed
F4_KEY tjcatibog Completed
F5_KEY tjcatibog Completed
F6_KEY tjcatibog Completed
F7_KEY tjcatibog Completed
F8_KEY tjcatibog Completed
F9_KEY tjcatibog Completed
F10_KEY tjcatibog Completed
F11_KEY tjcatibog Completed
F12_KEY tjcatibog Completed

Task 3: Other Complex Functions

Other Complex Functions
Function Members Working On It Status Committed : BY
bio_display Fardad has already done this
bio_displayflag mziaei1 completed
bio_flag mdadams1 Currently working on it