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(21:17:16) (psupreme) Woo, the whole gang is here
(21:17:23) (NULLbyte__) yup
(21:17:33) (NULLbyte__) so what happen so far
(21:17:36) (NULLbyte__) ??
(21:17:36) (NULLbyte__) ?
(21:17:50) (psupreme) We talked to CloudScorpion today, and we were looking for getting dillyn a task
(21:17:51) (dillyn) nothing yet
(21:18:12) (psupreme) Do you have any ideas of what you want to do?
(21:19:00) (dillyn) well im willing to do the data-driven waves but i'm not really sure if that's enough
(21:19:03) (NULLbyte__) am gussing cloudscorpion is joe right? mmm leyt me think
(21:19:12) (psupreme) CloudScorpion is our teacher.
(21:19:30) (NULLbyte__) well no I think you suold check from the list in the wiki
(21:19:40) (NULLbyte__) oh ok i c now
(21:19:42) (psupreme) :P
(21:20:02) (NULLbyte__) dillyn did u check it ??
(21:20:32) (jas1137) We talked to the teacher and thought the gui could use a nice improvement
(21:20:38) (jas1137) if you wanted to get into that
(21:20:45) (dillyn) ya i'm looking at it, but i don't really know what most of this stuff does and if it will be useful to do for the game
(21:20:55) (NULLbyte__) yea I know ehh
(21:21:04) (jas1137) the waves would be done at the end, as a gameplay feature
(21:21:25) (NULLbyte__) what do u mean by gui??
(21:21:29) (dillyn) but from what i understood the GUI is also just a gameplay feature, not an actual system in the framework
(21:21:49) (jas1137) You can make it a actual system
(21:21:50) (NULLbyte__) yea thats y am asking
(21:22:04) (psupreme) No, he was talking about a reusable, scriptable and object orientated GUI system
(21:22:10) (psupreme) that would be easily portable to any other game
(21:22:22) (psupreme) scriptable is optional
(21:22:39) (NULLbyte__) lol wow
(21:22:40) (NULLbyte__) ok
(21:22:47) (jas1137) He said you could do that if you wanted
(21:22:54) (dillyn) hmm ok then I can do that then
(21:23:15) (psupreme) Here's some example project that he sent us:
(21:23:18) (NULLbyte__) I'll try to help if i can..
(21:23:44) (dillyn) i wish we used ogre for this course
(21:23:46) (dillyn) so much
(21:23:57) (jas1137) yeah
(21:23:59) (jas1137) woulda been nice
(21:24:21) (dillyn) ok i'm going to read through that and see what i'm going to have to do
(21:24:45) (jas1137) The teacher will give you loads of info during your interview with him
(21:24:53) (jas1137) You have scheduled a time, right?
(21:25:16) (NULLbyte__) ok so what did u guys do like what did have to have ??
(21:25:22) (dillyn) no i'll have to e-mail him. is it during his student help hours?
(21:25:37) (NULLbyte__) no it on the wiki
(21:25:45) (jas1137) theres a slot on the wiki, but if that doesn't work you can e-mail for a different time
(21:26:05) (dillyn) ok got it
(21:26:19) (psupreme) we just prepared some knowledge of what we planned on doing
(21:26:28) (NULLbyte__) here it is
(21:26:30) (psupreme) and gave him a overview of it
(21:26:38) (NULLbyte__) oh ok cool
(21:26:40) (psupreme) he decided if it was good or not and gave us critizisimsms
(21:27:00) (NULLbyte__) but I thought we did that already though
(21:27:08) (psupreme) no, much more indepth
(21:27:20) (NULLbyte__) oh ok shit
(21:28:37) (psupreme) dillyn he will go over it in great detail on Friday if you decide you want to do it
(21:28:52) (psupreme) and after that meeting with him we'll schedule another meeting and get the final proposal down
(21:29:09) (jas1137) The proposal is due Monday
(21:29:19) (psupreme) so friday or saturday would be the meeting
(21:30:00) (dillyn) fine with me
(21:30:09) (NULLbyte__) lol hey do u guys remember what he siad I will have to do I think it was some pixel something?? and yea I have my meeting on friday 11:40
(21:30:34) (psupreme) yep
(21:30:40) (psupreme) pixel/vertex shaders
(21:30:43) (psupreme) or something
(21:30:48) (psupreme) He will explain in good detail on Friday
(21:30:57) (NULLbyte__) lol ok
(21:32:00) (psupreme)
(21:32:37) (jas1137) We need to finalize our game idea
(21:32:51) (jas1137) add things like diagrams
(21:33:00) (jas1137) we each need diagrams for our own part as well
(21:33:26) (NULLbyte__) can you put that link on the wiki??
(21:33:55) (jas1137) So today we should finalize our game idea
(21:34:09) (NULLbyte__) ok
(21:34:10) (jas1137) and after friday we need to include our diagrams and what not to complete the proposal
(21:34:11) (psupreme) Anyone with the link can edit the file so nope
(21:34:14) (psupreme) I'll email it to us all
(21:34:31) (NULLbyte__) yea that works too
(21:35:59) (psupreme) also can you add your name to the wiki dillyn?
(21:36:00) (psupreme)*
(21:36:06) (psupreme) and here:
(21:36:22) (jas1137) Does anyone have any game ideas?
(21:36:32) (NULLbyte__) so what do u mean by finalize? i thought we had everthing covered..
(21:36:51) (jas1137) One thing that the teacher suggested was to have a "scrollable" camera
(21:36:57) (jas1137) instead of the fixed top-down view it is now
(21:37:14) (NULLbyte__) oh and a mini map!
(21:37:30) (jas1137) that would be good too
(21:37:48) (psupreme) for monday, we have to have a much more detailed document explaining our features and how we're going to design them in-depth, we're just gonna get the final game idea done today and do the rest after your meeting.
(21:38:56) (NULLbyte__) I dont know if you guys thought about it already but how about a mini menu with all the towers and tanks that u can use....??? and ok got it
(21:39:33) (psupreme) yeah, we were thinking of a raidal menu
(21:39:45) (psupreme) perhaps that would be something that dylan can impliment into his feature
(21:39:59) (NULLbyte__) yea cool
(21:40:30) (dillyn) so were gonna do a radial menu rather than a SC style like was discusses in class?
(21:40:40) (psupreme) haven't decided yet
(21:40:42) (psupreme) we can do either
(21:40:45) (jas1137) well, what do you think?
(21:40:49) (jas1137) we could do either or
(21:40:56) (dillyn) well a radial menu limits the towers we can add
(21:41:02) (jas1137) SC style would work well with the GUI you would implement
(21:41:12) (dillyn) because eventually that radial menu would get filled
(21:41:17) (psupreme) radial menu would also require a little more work
(21:41:22) (jas1137) yeah, thats true
(21:41:27) (psupreme) it could have "sub-menus" though
(21:41:43) (jas1137) just like starcraft
(21:41:44) (jas1137) :D
(21:42:17) (dillyn) ya we could break the towers into categories like "offense" utility" etc
(21:42:53) (NULLbyte__) yea that's what I was thinking..
(21:43:21) (NULLbyte__) tabs for each cat
(21:43:33) (jas1137) add them as points under the game idea
(21:43:38) (jas1137) we can convert to paragraphs later
(21:44:08) (NULLbyte__) ight
(21:55:05) (jas1137) Any other ideas?
(21:57:03) (dillyn) thats everything so far for me
(21:57:16) (jas1137) we're gonna need mock-ups of these
(21:57:20) (NULLbyte__) i adaed one check it!
(21:57:20) (jas1137) esp the HUD
(21:57:34) (NULLbyte__) *added
(21:57:37) (psupreme) i'm proud
(21:57:54) (dillyn) ya ill draw some pictures for him, even though im a terrible artist
(21:58:00) (psupreme) no extra health when yo win
(21:58:05) (jas1137) we all are, and we all ahve too xD
(21:58:17) (NULLbyte__) am ok with drawing..
(21:58:35) (jas1137) oh?
(21:58:50) (NULLbyte__) I mean am not amizing but I can draw
(21:59:05) (NULLbyte__) so i'll help...
(21:59:28) (dillyn) I can draw basic geometry at best...
(21:59:41) (NULLbyte__) amazing******
(22:00:12) (NULLbyte__) lol
(22:00:30) (NULLbyte__) thats ok
(22:01:00) (psupreme) if all else fails we can whip something up in max?
(22:01:19) (NULLbyte__) yea
(22:01:44) (jas1137) Anyone play some tower defence games to get some inspiration?
(22:02:08) (NULLbyte__) mmm does robo defence count?
(22:02:22) (NULLbyte__) on android...
(22:02:28) (dillyn) i played WC3 tower defense for nostalgia, but it doesnt play the same way as our game does
(22:02:29) (jas1137) yeah
(22:03:02) (jas1137) how is warcraft 3 different?
(22:03:18) (dillyn) you actually make the paths with your towers
(22:03:28) (NULLbyte__) I liked rorbo defence and it's similar to our game..
(22:03:44) (jas1137) on some maps, yeah. But if i recally, some maps had prebuilt paths
(22:04:10) (dillyn) i dunno i just played the first one i saw
(22:04:11) (NULLbyte__) i didnt warcraft 3 am not a real gamers btw.....
(22:04:43) (NULLbyte__) play*
(22:05:02) (NULLbyte__) gamer*
(22:05:06) (jas1137) warcraft 3 has a nice UI as well
(22:05:23) (jas1137) is that what you were thinking of doing?
(22:05:53) (dillyn) yes I was looking at it
(22:05:57) (jas1137) has stats at the top like gold, has a mini-map in the corner, options in the other corner and information screen in the middle
(22:05:59) (jas1137) about the selected tower
(22:06:08) (jas1137) I think that would work fairly well
(22:06:37) (dillyn) it would
(22:06:53) (jas1137) Would be easy to mock up as well :P
(22:07:05) (jas1137) we need a theme for our game
(22:07:08) (jas1137) any ideas?
(22:07:24) (dillyn) no plants
(22:07:24) (psupreme)
(22:07:32) (psupreme) but 3d
(22:08:14) (psupreme) dunno
(22:08:46) (NULLbyte__)
(22:08:51) (NULLbyte__) ????
(22:08:55) (jas1137) yeah, thats what i was thinking
(22:08:58) (jas1137) more tech/mech
(22:09:12) (dillyn) how about if
(22:09:14) (NULLbyte__) yea and its simple
(22:09:44) (psupreme) well, if my feature is terrain and environment
(22:09:52) (psupreme) then we will have to do something with grass?
(22:10:13) (NULLbyte__)
(22:10:15) (NULLbyte__) ???
(22:10:15) (jas1137)
(22:10:42) (NULLbyte__) lol I think mine is more probable to make...
(22:10:45) (jas1137) has mech, has grass, has terrain
(22:10:46) (jas1137) all good?
(22:10:47) (jas1137) haha
(22:10:58) (NULLbyte__) lol this pretty sick
(22:11:04) (dillyn) and its SC so
(22:11:05) (NULLbyte__) its**
(22:11:14) (dillyn) we can do the SC2 HUD
(22:11:28) (dillyn) and itll fit
(22:11:43) (NULLbyte__) yea what I was thinking
(22:11:56) (NULLbyte__) i played that game so i can relate..
(22:12:02) (jas1137) Just make a mock-up so everyone can get a clear idea. Especially the teacher
(22:13:11) (psupreme) yep
(22:13:15) (dillyn) ok so how about this for the story
(22:13:16) (psupreme) that theme from that pic is good
(22:13:28) (NULLbyte__) so we agreed on what thought?
(22:13:31) (NULLbyte__) thouhg*
(22:13:37) (NULLbyte__) the SC piuc?
(22:13:42) (psupreme) SC theme yep
(22:13:42) (NULLbyte__) pic*
(22:13:48) (NULLbyte__) oh ok
(22:13:54) (jas1137) sweet
(22:14:20) (jas1137) I think that's it for today. Once you guys have ur meetings and get a better understanding we should be g2g
(22:14:36) (dillyn) aliens are attacking earth, you have access to the advanced UN militiary defenses, you have to defend a superweapon that is being deployed that can destroyy the alien mothership
(22:14:58) (dillyn) and it fits with the SC theme
(22:14:59) (jas1137) this weekend we should plan some time to get this document finalized. EVeryone needs to have a section explaining their features as well as diagrams
(22:15:27) (NULLbyte__) so dillyn doin the mock-up?? and yea agreed
(22:15:36) (jas1137) he'll be doing the UI mock-up
(22:15:45) (jas1137) i'll be doing a mock-up of what particles might look like
(22:15:53) (jas1137) clinton will do a mock-up of terrain
(22:16:01) (psupreme) are we just doing a mock up of what it will look like?
(22:16:06) (psupreme) or some sample class design
(22:16:07) (jas1137) and we need a final mock-up of what the "end" game product would look like
(22:16:38) (jas1137) i don't think we need class design yet
(22:16:40) (jas1137) that's l8
(22:16:41) (jas1137) er
(22:16:52) (NULLbyte__) yea think so too
(22:17:01) (jas1137) Sezar, u want to make the end mock-up?
(22:17:11) (jas1137) it will include everyones mock-up and be like
(22:17:16) (jas1137) a snapshot of the game
(22:17:18) (jas1137) with all features
(22:17:28) (NULLbyte__) kk but I need a beeter pic of whatwill be drawing..
(22:17:38) (jas1137) yeah we'll have to do ours first
(22:17:39) (NULLbyte__) better more clear
(22:17:55) (jas1137) and we'll clean up the points
(22:18:00) (NULLbyte__) ok sure I got some art skills..
(22:18:32) (jas1137) alright then, im out
(22:18:41) (NULLbyte__) ight ezzz
(22:19:23) (NULLbyte__) k am out too..
(22:19:44) (psupreme) o/
(22:20:05)  -› Quit: NULLbyte__ (d83a1a88@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: Page closed)
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