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TeamA* 01092013

(19:18:53) (NULLbyte__) I am in
(19:20:13) (jas1137) me too
(19:20:19) (jas1137) psupreme you there?
(19:22:36) (psupreme) now yes
(19:22:48) (NULLbyte__) Lol good now we can start
(19:23:18) (psupreme) okay jesse and I thought of some ideas that could work for what we have now
(19:23:32) (psupreme) 1. Terrain + noise
(19:23:34) (NULLbyte__) Cool what r thy
(19:23:37) (psupreme) 2. Normal/Bump mapping
(19:23:43) (psupreme) 3. Pathfinding/AI
(19:23:58) (psupreme) 4. Particles
(19:24:41) (NULLbyte__) Oh u done?
(19:24:50) (psupreme) yes
(19:24:54) (NULLbyte__) Lol ok
(19:24:59) (NULLbyte__) Sounds good
(19:25:25) (psupreme) anything you prefer to do?
(19:25:33) (jas1137) did any of them look interesting to you?
(19:25:43) (jas1137) there is a list @
(19:27:12) (NULLbyte__) Oh I didn't see the list but I guess I'll do the normal/bump mapping
(19:27:24) (NULLbyte__) Let me c the list
(19:29:30) (NULLbyte__) I guess u guys took the good ones
(19:29:46) (NULLbyte__) Like do u need more than those 4?
(19:30:00) (psupreme) I think we are supposed to research 1 topic and impliment it
(19:30:57) (jas1137) just one?!
(19:31:09) (NULLbyte__) Ok then for then game I think pathfinding or particles
(19:31:19) (NULLbyte__) For this*
(19:31:32) (psupreme) we can change the theme to suit terrain
(19:31:38) (psupreme) eg, grassy hills
(19:31:55) (psupreme) jas1137, last semester people did 1 topic
(19:32:22) (psupreme) John Nigel Hanna – Oct-trees for collision detection
(19:32:22) (psupreme) Nick Mirabella – 3d model rendering and animation
(19:32:22) (psupreme) Sean Frederick Tracy – Sprite based particle system
(19:32:41) (jas1137) each person did one topic
(19:32:44) (jas1137) not each group
(19:32:49) (NULLbyte__) I like explosions so i say particles
(19:32:56) (jas1137) lol i agree
(19:33:11) (NULLbyte__) Oh each one does a topic
(19:33:23) (jas1137) thats what i thought :S
(19:33:44) (psupreme) yep
(19:35:05) (NULLbyte__) Oh in that case give me something simple .. I really don't know what each one means ...
(19:35:42) (jas1137) thats the point of the research part ;)
(19:35:51) (jas1137) i'd like to do particles
(19:36:06) (psupreme) I can do terrain/noise
(19:36:13) (jas1137) i guess it'd have to be complex for it to be my one assigned task
(19:36:16) (NULLbyte__) Oh I thought u guys knew them..
(19:36:26) (psupreme) nope
(19:36:37) (psupreme) we are supposed to research and then impliment
(19:36:52) (jas1137) we need phase 1 done for tomorrow
(19:37:15) (psupreme) "Your proposal should be presented on the team project page of the course wiki under Proposal. "
(19:37:23) (psupreme) are we using the wiki or something else?
(19:37:51) (NULLbyte__) I guess the wiki..
(19:37:59) (psupreme) wiki right now is for old semester
(19:39:55) (psupreme) his site:
(19:41:52) (NULLbyte__) Lol u sure he got nothing on it
(19:42:15) (NULLbyte__) His name is jp?
(19:42:21) (psupreme) joseph patrick
(19:42:38) (NULLbyte__) Oh yea right
(19:45:02) (jas1137) why don't we just write up the informal proposal in word or something and show him tomorrow? We don't even know how much of the wiki he is going to use/how much needs reworking
(19:45:09) (jas1137) in class he said he wanted a proposal
(19:45:17) (jas1137) i don't remember anything about setting up svn, etc.
(19:45:38) (psupreme) if we're doing those things
(19:45:44) (psupreme) Terrain/Bump mapping/Particles
(19:46:17) (psupreme) then we an write a small paragraph on why this will benefit us?
(19:46:38) (jas1137) basic aspects of these features as well as the refinements to those features that are needed to implement in your own game by the end of the semester.
(19:47:00) (psupreme) so, in-depth implimentation
(19:47:17) (psupreme) reusable, clean object orientated code
(19:48:07) (NULLbyte__) Am sorry I don't know what to say the trunk u sent me isn't even compiling..
(19:48:18) (psupreme) errors?
(19:48:20) (psupreme)
(19:49:07) (NULLbyte__) Yea something about missing dlls but my game is compiling fine...
(19:49:15) (psupreme) hmm
(19:49:22) (psupreme) trying in debug mode?
(19:49:22) (jas1137) which ones?
(19:51:19) (NULLbyte__) Yea already tied same thing ..
(19:51:28) (NULLbyte__) But it builds fine
(19:51:37) (jas1137) what?
(19:51:48) (jas1137) you said it wasn't compiling
(19:52:05) (psupreme) maybe missing assets?
(19:52:18) (jas1137) so, it compiles but doesn't run?
(19:52:23) (NULLbyte__) Lol I mean already tried in debug mode and normal mode
(19:52:36) (NULLbyte__) It builds fine but it doesn't run
(19:52:44) (jas1137) u using win7
(19:53:08) (jas1137) oh
(19:53:12) (NULLbyte__) Win 8
(19:53:20) (jas1137) i had that issue
(19:53:24) (jas1137) you don't have something installed
(19:53:33) (jas1137) some directx or winsdk component
(19:53:34) (psupreme) msvc++ redists?
(19:53:34) (jas1137) i don't know
(19:53:41) (jas1137) download the .dll from the internet
(19:53:45) (jas1137) and place in same folder
(19:53:48) (jas1137) n it should run
(19:53:54) (jas1137) that's a quick fix though
(19:54:02) (jas1137) you're missing something, don't know what DX
(19:54:10) (jas1137) I had that too when i reformatted my pc
(19:54:15) (NULLbyte__) But how come my project run fine..
(19:55:15) (psupreme) might be because of the library directories in the project settings
(19:55:18) (psupreme) we use
(19:55:23) (psupreme) $(DXSDK_DIR)/xxx
(19:55:30) (psupreme) what do you use ?
(19:55:30) (jas1137) o
(19:55:39) (jas1137) is it msvcp100d.dll?
(19:56:24) (jas1137) the error that u get
(19:56:40) (NULLbyte__) For all of them it says Connor fine or open pdb file...
(19:57:17) (NULLbyte__) That's fine we'll fix that later let's get the proposal done first
(19:57:39) (psupreme) open
(19:59:38) (NULLbyte__) Wow I didn't know u can do that fucking sick!
(19:59:50) (psupreme) this is how we did all our PRJ documents
(19:59:56) (psupreme) co-op
(20:01:00) (NULLbyte__) Cool man
(20:02:49) (jas1137) should we include optional features?
(20:03:06) (jas1137) like the pathfinding ai and lighting
(20:03:26) (psupreme) ok
(20:03:30) (NULLbyte__) Yea
(20:03:31) (jas1137) cause there isn't much to add to the game
(20:04:12) (NULLbyte__) The game is that good! Lol
(20:04:53) (psupreme) got anything to write for bump mapping Sezar?
(20:05:21) (NULLbyte__) Lol yea sorry I don't know what that is so am searching it...
(20:06:00) (psupreme) you know what looks pretty cool
(20:06:01) (psupreme) tone mapping
(20:06:49) (NULLbyte__) It's not in the list is it?
(20:07:00) (NULLbyte__) Oh yea found it
(20:07:02) (psupreme) it is, but it's probably really damn complex
(20:07:12) (psupreme) and totally not needed for our game
(20:07:44) (NULLbyte__) Yea let's just stay will bump mapping
(20:11:43) (NULLbyte__) Fuck am sorry am using my phone and it's not google doc friendly so am gonna to irc on my computer...
(20:11:59) (jas1137) i knew it !
(20:12:04) (NULLbyte__) Lol
(20:12:11) (NULLbyte__) Kk Ben
(20:12:11) (psupreme) Because first letters are all caps
(20:12:18) (psupreme) all the time
(20:12:19) (psupreme) :)
(20:12:22)  -› Quit: NULLbyte__ ( (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))
(20:12:24) (jas1137) and it messes with words lol
(20:12:26) (jas1137) auto correct
(20:13:46)  -› Join: NULLbyte__ (d83a1a88@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
(20:13:53) (NULLbyte__) ok am back!
(20:13:59) (psupreme) wb
(20:14:02) (NULLbyte__) can u send me that link again
(20:14:06) (psupreme)
(20:14:10) (NULLbyte__) thanks
(20:26:51) (NULLbyte__) lol
(20:26:56) (NULLbyte__) ok that looks good
(20:27:18) (psupreme) not sure about shadows/hdr
(20:27:19) (jas1137) i think it's fine for tomorrow
(20:27:30) (NULLbyte__) yea