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Team1/Writing and running JUnit tests

16. Writing and running JUnit tests

16.1. Writing Tests

  • a) Create a project named "JUnitTest". We can now write our first test.
  • b) Using the wizard, File -> New -> JUnit Test Case
  • c) Select New JUnit 3 test radio button and enter a name for your test class
  • d) You may see a warning message asking you to add the JUnit library to the build path. Use the "Click Here" link to add it automatically.
  • e) click "Finish" to create the test class


16.2. Running Tests

  • a) To run a test case, simply hit the run button in the toolbar as it will automatically run as JUnit Test.
  • b) To inspect the results, you can see them in the JUnit view. This view will show the test run progress and status.