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Talk:Winter 2010 Presentations/VMs+Emulation


  • Style in context: the audience for this presentation are smart but don't know this technology. "The goal was to attempt to install a hypervisor on an already existing machine for our koji build farm and determine whether or not this would be a viable developement solution. Some issues taken into consideration..." -- between hypervisor, 'koji build farm, and development solution, I think you will have lost your audience. Start at the very beginning.
  • Commands: for the most part, leave them out. Talk about the approach rather than the actual nitty-gritty details: "We selected the QEMU hypervisor because it supported the ARM architecture and was already available for Fedora" and "Although QEMU can be run directly from the command line, there are advantages to using the libvirt management layer provided by Fedora, such as automatic start of virtual machines when the system boots, the ability to disconnect and later reconnect to a virtual machine, and a graphical mangement and monitoring tool, libvirt." You could then go on to explain what it took to set them up, the conflict with SELinux (which is why hongkong is in permissive mode), and so forth.
  • The SheevaPlug hardware is virtually identical to the OpenRD (minus a few ports, such as video), making them another viable option being investigated.
  • Advantages: What were the advantages of using emulation? Where would it be useful?

--Chris Tyler 12:34, 20 April 2010 (EDT)

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